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Katy Perry Goes Goth: Hot or Not?

Katy Perry is known for changing up her style a lot. But recently she changed up it totally by going goth at the NARM Music Awards. Remember her bubble goth outfit at the KCAs? Well, this is pretty much the opposite of that. She is sporting a black striped gown with sheer detailing. She tops… More »

Chanel Goes Punk With Alice Dellal For New Collection

Karl Lagerfeld chose punk rock model Alice Dellal as the new face for the collection Boy Chanel! I think she is the perfect fit and I can’t get over how killer these bags are. Chanel with a punk twist… who would of thought! Do you have a favorite? Im leaning towards to pink and black… More »

BLACK and WHITE fashion

My favorite black and white looks!

Rihanna New Hair: Hot Or Not?

Rihanna’s one of the celebs known for changing her look, especially her hairstyle every now and then. And she done it again ladies and gents! She has darkened her hair to the color black with the left side of her head shaved. She revelaed the new cut on Twitter with Instagram telling fans: “Cuz I’m… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has just joined Buzznet, in celebration of her joining the family i wanted to share my favorite Bebe Rexha looks over the last few years, this girl has mad style! Check them out and BUZZ it if you love Bebe! Twitter Facebook Tumblr

People You Need To Know: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is a recording artist from New York best known for her work as front woman for Black Cards (ft. Pete Wentz). The world needs…

new hair!!!! black and purple!♥

I love it!

get my look


two colors you really can’t go wrong with this winter…or, EVER.

I love dressing up and being glamorous but when I don’t feel…



This trick is awesome if you have to get ready in like 5 mins and want that angle look to look perfect fast. Makeup artists also…

Back in Black

Well, black streaks in my hair that is. Is it Halloween yet?

Kaleidoscopic Vision

In those last years I discovered another great stylist: Gareth Pugh, his style is really particular and just for this fact I love it. As everyone of you knows I studied fashion in high…

Passion Lace

It’s romantic, it’s super sexy and it screams glamour – no wonder black lace is this season’s go-to for high-octane partywear. Go gothic in sultry black like Emma Watson on the red carpet or the…


<img src=""…

Li Cari Fall/Winter 2008

This is from my Fall/Winter line

My Li Cari Barbieee

meet my best friend and Li Cari model Khristynne! I made this dress for her 18th birthdayyy woo 😀 [you like?]

Li Cari fall/Winter

a look at my Li Cari fall/winter collection [tell me what you think]

Punk Emo Scene Hair & Hairstyles


ThE bLacK paradE

itZ vEry beautiFuL s0nG… iT reaLLy sUckZz..

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