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Happy 51 Birthday Mommy!

Today it’s my mommy 51 birthday!!!!

But we celebrated her yesterday with our closest friends at home.

My mom cooked a lot of yummie food and we…

#HappyBirthdayKaulitzTwins: Bill & Tom Of Tokio Hotel Turn 24 Today

Today it’s such a very special day.
24 years ago two little boys were born, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are their names.
Since the tender age, they were determinate to…

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson: His Most Epic Performances!

Hey Pals, 

I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was about…well 2 years old! I had a leather glove as well as a bedazzled one that I would wear along with my diaper…yup I…

Happy 50th Birthday Daddy!

On Tuesday it was my daddy’s 50th birthday (finally also he arrived at this important aim) and yesterday we celebrated him at the restaurant with closest friends. He got tons of amazing gifts and loved them all. It’s been an amazing evening and we had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Julian Casablancas!

I love him madly, he is Julian Casablancas lead singer of The Strokes, today august 23th is his birthday. He is turned 34 years old, & he looks as always handsome.

Here i wanna put a small…

Why Chandler Bing Is My Favorite Friend

Today is Matthew Perry‘s 44th birthday! Matthew is the man behind one TV’s most beloved characters, Chandler Bing from Friends!

Matthew had has tons of other roles, but his role as Chandler…

Happy Birthday Andy Samberg

Happy birthday Andy! You always make me laugh and therfore, I love you. 


Yes, you. 


Happy Birthday Steve Carell, Let’s Be Best Friends!

Today is a special day, it is Steve Carell’s birthday! He is seriously one of my favorite actors in the world. I can be found laughing so hard I cry anytime I put The Office

Happy fapping birthday Mila Kunis

Actress Mila Kunis turns 30 today (though she doesnt look a day over 20.)  I personally would like to extend a happy birthday to whom i feel is a great actress.  

13 Reasons Why Phoebe Buffay Is The Most Unique Friend You Could Ever Have

Actress Lisa Kudrow is 50 today! To honor her talent, and to thank her for bringing Phoebe Buffay of Friends to life, here are 13 reasons why Phoebe is the most uniqe friend you could ever…

10 Amazing Photos Of Audrey Kitching! Happy Birthday!

Not only is today is our lovely Buzzmaker Audrey Kitching‘s Bday!!! Audrey has been blogging with us for so long and well…we LOVE HER! We wanted to wish her a happy birthday and share OUR favorite photos of her from 2013 so far! Go show her some love on her profile HERE and her… More »

13 Reasons Why Joey Tribbiani Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

Actor Matt LeBlanc is best know for his role as Joey Tribbiani on Friends — so, for Matt’s birthday I am going to run you through 13 reasons Joey is the best friend you should…

Will Ferrell’s Most Hilarious Moments

In honor of Will Ferrell‘s bday today and the fact I am a HUGE fan of his, I felt I needed to post some of my favorite videos of him. HE…

Happy 2nd Buzzversary To Me!

For the last three years, July 14th has coincided with landmarks in my life. In 2010, I saw the supergroup Tired Pony play their debut show in London with my Mum. It…

Ringo Starr’s Birthday Message

The British composer and musician Ringo Starr, who gained worldwide fame as the drummer of the band The Beatles, held on Sunday 73 years old, with a video on its website in which it sends a message of “peace and love” to his followers and the world.

10 Reasons To Love 50 Cent: Birthday Edition

Happpppy July 6th AKA HAPPY BIRTHDAY Curtis Jackson…AKA 50 Cent!

1. He relates his love to something I LOVE…CAKE!

Michelle Branch Birthday Appreciation Post

In honor of Michelle Branch‘s 30th birthday today, I have been listening to nothing but MB songs all day. This stuff really brings…

Happy Birthday Tupac: 16 Reasons I LOVE Tupac!

June 16th marks a very important day in history… the day that the legend Tupac Amaru Shakur was born. Sadly he isn’t with us anymore in person but he still is remembered and…

Let’s Go Crazy: It’s Prince’s Birthday

As everyone knows, Prince is my favorite music human being of all time. I dream of the day when I have the change to sit down and pick his musicology brain. Today, we we’re given the gift of the purple majesty. That’s right, It’s Prince’s Birthday! And nobody appericaites him more than me… (I think)… More »

Happy 4th Buzziversary To Me In A GIFs Review

Yeah, Bradley you can say it loud! Four (awesome) years already passed from the first time I signed here in this amazing place.


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