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Bille Joe Armstrong Heads To Rehab (VIDEO)

Billie Joe Armstrong has checked into rehab. The Green Day singer, 40, had a public meltdown this weekend at the I Heart Radio concert in Las Vegas, and now it looks like…

Is Robert Pattinson Perfect for ‘Idiot’ Role?

Thank goodness that VH1’s Pop Up Video has made its comeback! Without the uber-fun (and often educational) music video trivia program, we probably wouldn’t have guessed that Green Day frontman…

Famous People Birthday Blow Out – Guess Who’s Another Year Older Today?

The ancient Sumerians were right when they marked their calendars with a strange set of cuniform symbols that when roughly translated, meant “a starless heaven happened this night.” Apparently, there are like, ALL KINDS OF…

Green Day In Studio Video

The guys work on their follow up to American Idiot. Anybody excited?

Oh Yeah, He’s Going to be a TERRIBLE Father

So Pete Wentz has directly addressed his choice to deny Ashlee’s pregnancy to

“Every woman, no matter who they are or what they do for a…

NFG interview with

Here are some of my fav questions, you can read the whole interview here.
So lets start off by talking about the new album “Coming Home”. What was the inspiration behind the writing of this album?

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