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Who Wore It Better: Leopard Print Christina Aguilera Vs. Betty White

Leopard is the hottest print in fashion and it’s not just young stars wearing it around town! Christina Aguilera was snapped by the paparazzi in a long flowing leopard dress while Hollywood legend Betty White wore similar spots to her 90th birthday party at the Los Angeles zoo! Both stars rocked the look but who… More »

Joe Jonas And Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged?!

Joe Jonas and Jennifer Love Hewitt are together… seriously? Although a bit surprising, the relationship makes sense: the 22-year-old JoBro seems to have remained single since his…

MTV VMA Tweets: Betty White, Tyler Glenn and No One Likes Chris Brown

I didn’t watch the VMAs. But I did watch Twitter. Here were some of my favorite tweets:

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EXCLUSIVE: Simon Cowell Talks About Justin Bieber’s ‘X Factor,’ Favoring Adele, And Casting Charlie Sheen

Let it be known that, contrary to popular belief, <span style="font-size:…

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10 Things I Want To Do In 2011 + Celebrities Of The Year

Since it’s just a matter of hours before the New Year, I thought I would list some things I would like to do by the time December 31st, 2011 rolls around. As a warning, the…

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