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Benji and Nicole

Nicole Richie and the Madden Bros Do Good Credit: Jen Garnick

Nicole and Joel

Nicole Richie and the Madden Bros Do Good Credit: Jen Garnick

Benji Madden: This is my poker face.

Literally. Either that, or he’s really unhappy that his ex’s sister (Nicky Hilton) was in attendance. Oh, lifestyles of the rich and famous… @ the 7th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational held at Commerce Casino. DO NOT REPOST!

She Kissed Paris’ (Former) Boy… And Liked It?

Katy Perry might not have scored big at the Grammy Awards, but it looks like she might have scored somewhere else.  The newly-single singer, who split with Gym Class

Without You I’m Just Me: Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy Present Their ‘Folie a Deux’s’ in L.A.

So I stumbled out of my apartment this evening hoping to get inspired by some Pete/Travie creations and this event turned out to be STAR-STUDDED. No joke! [cut=It was kind of a big deal, guys…]


I Can’t Tell If This is Offensive Or Just Stupid

According to Dlisted, Benji Madden of Good Charlotte has announced his intentions to get a tattoo of current girlfriend Paris Hilton.  Believe it or not,…

Benji Madden Writes Love Song for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have been together a whopping two months now — you know what that means? High time that the less-attractive Madden twin (shut…

Benji Madden Wrote Paris Hilton a Love Song

Benji Madden has written a love song for Paris Hilton. The Good Charlotte rocker penned ‘Shine Your Light’ in tribute to his girlfriend, who he has been dating for two months. Describing it as the “sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me”, Paris revealed to People magazine: “He actually wrote me a beautiful… from… More »

Paris Rolls Over Photog’s Foot — Cops Involved

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Paris Paris and Benji turned a simple nightclub exit into a police matter last night after their car ran over a paparazzo’s foot.As the snappers swarmed PBandJ’s ride, a loud yelping sound can be heard as Benj drove right over one photog’s checkered shoe…… from

Paris Hilton dating Benji Madden?

TMZ saysParis Hilton and Benji Madden are officially a thing, meaning if all
goes well, Paris and Nicole Richie could be … sister-in-laws

In the words of…

Question & answer with: The Madden twins

Joel: “Hey Benji! Guess the number of decent songs we’ll have until our career is over!”

**Disclaimer: I actually like Good Charlotte. So shut it. Hahah.

This has been…

Tuesday Buzz 2/13

Benji Madden is a sucky DJ. (socialitelife)What the HELL is Ashley Olsen doing?! (POTP)Free Food for Skinny Models. (Yahoo)Cupcakes! Keep em’ safe. (boingboing)
Paris is mad at Kim Kardashian. Sex tape wars! (nydailynews)
Mischa Barton can afford…

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