Bella Thorne Is Bisexual And Doesn’t Care Who Knows

Major snaps to Bella Thorne who, with a one word response to a fan question, came out as bisexual on Twitter. The 18-year-old actress had Tinseltown buzzing on Monday  after she posted a Snapchat of her and longtime bestie Bella Pendergast kissing. Bella, who just broke up with boyfriend Greg Sulkin was asked point blank… More »

Disney charcters taking selfies

Although taking a lot of selfies has been linked to a narcissistic disorder by many psychologists, it’s a trend we can’t ignore regardless of us loving or hating it. Ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look while taking selfies? Wonder no more…I got a fun weekend gallery for you or pouting belles and… More »

Dani Vitale Dances On Disney Channel’s Shake It Up

I did a few episodes for Disney Channel‘s Shake It Up this year for season 3! Here is the first one that aired on Sunday. These boots are made for walking! Check out Bella and all of us strutting around in our vintage 70s costumes with suuuppperrrr long pony tails! 😀 my good shot happens… More »

‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’: The Boom Circuits Blow Up On The Big Screen

It’s that time of year again…for vampires and new indie music! I’m talking about the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack! I love the Twilight soundtracks more…

Breaking Dawn Part Two Trailer Is Here! (VIDEO)

It kind of breaks the heart a little. We all know about all the drama going down between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But now, the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two trailer…

New Breaking Dawn Tralier: Thank You Comic-Con

Thank You Comic-Con for this amazing trailer of our favorite sparking vampires. Breaking Dawn Part 2 isn’t out until November but here is a extended preview to get you excited for the last installment of the Twlight Saga! I don’t now about you but I’m Team Edward, him and Bella are so perfect for each… More »

Have Your ‘Twilight’ and Eat It Too! 20 Awesome ‘Twilight Saga’ Cakes

Have you ever wanted a Twilight Saga cake?
Well, even if you didn’t, here is a compilation of 20 Awesome Twilight Saga Cakes

Nothing says “hardcore fan” quite like themed pastries. <br…

The Ultimate Collection of Official ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Trailers, Teasers, and TV Spots

With Breaking Dawn – Part 1 just weeks away from hitting theaters worldwide, I have decided to compile (for all of you Twihards!) the Ultimate Collection of Breaking Dawn – Part…

Sneak Peek: ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Honeymoon Teaser

Dear TwiHards, Thanks to the fine people over at Summit you can now feel free to fangirl over this Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Teaser of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon! Can you feel the sexual tension? The film hits theaters November 18th!

Sneak Peek: Official ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Movie Stills

It’s about time! The Hollywood Reporter has released official movie stills from Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Check them out!

Honestly?!: The Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’ Review

I am sorry to say that I cannot sugar coat this film’s review at all.
I saw the film opening night and I simply don’t see that this film holds a candle…

Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 3: Hot Topic

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

For those of you unfamiliar, that’s a line from Dante’s Inferno.  Those words are what are supposedly carved above the gate through which you enter Hell.…


Bella & Pepper.

DiBenedetto Family’s Dog Bella w/ Christopher DiBenedetto and wife Tina DiBenedetto’s Ferret Pepper.

Bella & Rocky.

DiBenedetto Family’s Dog Bella w/ Christopher DiBenedetto and Tina DiBenedetto’s Dog Rocky.

Christopher DiBenedetto and Tina DiBenedetto. Rocky & Bella.

DiBenedetto Family’s Dog Bella w/ Christopher DiBenedetto and Tina DiBenedetto and Rocky.

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