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“New Moon” Spoilers, First Pictures

I know, you’re probably thinking, how can the Twilight movies have spoilers? I mean, aren’t they basically THE BOOKS? ‘Twas my reaction, as well, but apparently the director has taken a few liberties. Maybe you’ll…

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Well, here’s the first official poster, Twi-hards. Look at all that non-verbal communication packed in these pixels! Rpattz’s cold shoulder, Jacob’s fist-clench, Bella sizing up T-Laut’s biceps…

captioning this picture

it was the best i could do

Seattle Smackdown: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Hey, so, what are you doing this Saturday? Have time to be a passionate listener when Team Read puts on a Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate at the Seattle Public Library? Because that’s

Rpattz Wants To Crush Your Dreams

I’ve admittedly sort of backed off the Twilight beat because I can only handle so much. However, I thought some of you would be interested in what Robert Pattinson had to say when MTV asked

‘New Moon’ Release Date Already Set

Twilight: you likely either think of it as a joyous phenomenon or as that annoying itch that just won’t go away.  Either way, it looks like not only is it

Catherine Hardwicke Not Directing ‘Twilight’ Sequel

In news you may or may not care about, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke got the boot so she will not be the big boss when it comes to making, “New Moon.”


Prepare to be dazzled, you fabulous humans, you

We’re stoked to introduce our shiny new feature, The Big Story—a tasty collection of news, photos, columns and essays from Buzznet and members like you. We’re always happy to inject a little new blood into

Twilight Sequels Get Greenlighted

“Twilight” movie-mania is about to send fangirls into dazzle-induced seizures and—although the movie opens next week—there really is no end in sight. [cut=Say what?]

Well, I guess that’s a bit melodramatic—it’ll end, just anytime

Does Hayley Williams Prefer Dazzle or Dogs?

When Paramore first announced they were recording a song for the Twilight soundtrack, later revealed to be “Decode,” frontwoman Hayley Williams talked about being a

Twilight DVD to Fill In the Blanks with Midnight Sun Scene

While Twilight hasn’t even hit theatres yet, director Catherine Hardwicke is already talking about the DVD’s special features.  Start salivating now, Twilight fans, because she’s giving you more Edward Cullen for


In anticipation of Twilight, we’ve done a few lil’ community projects. We got some succulent reads for the Fresh Meat/Vamp Date task of last week. And now you have a much, much simpler mission–find some…

Twilight Episode One: The Phantom Chemistry

So,’s 10 days of Twilight is counting down to the release of the movie next Friday.  And today, in an article about Twilight star Kristen Stewart, the <span style="font-style:

Reminder: Fresh Meat + Vamp Date Tales Deadline Approaching

This is a kind, but slightly firm reminder that you have until November 7th to wow us with your Twilight-inspired stories.

What’ve we got so far? A lot of fresh meat, including a foreign exchange

The Buzznet ‘Twilight’ Project: Vamp Date and Fresh Meat

Let’s just be honest: “Twilight” is basically the biggest movie event of the year. (Your hear me, Batman? Yeah, I thought so). So as we prepare to prepare to bring you everything you ever

The Big Twilight Question:

Edward Cullen “died” at the age of 17, right?  And has been physically 17 for almost 100 years. 


Think about your average 17…

Taking My Anger Out On Stephanie Meyer


Tamora said “You go, Girl,” in response to this rant.  I think that’s the only real approval I need.

Note: If you…

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