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FHM’s Sexiest Women Of 2014: Kendall Surpasses Her Sister Kim!

Uh oh! Looks like Kim Kardashian, 33, has some competition… and it’s with her half-sister, Kendall!

IG Recap: The City Of Angels

Honey, I’m home. I have been SO SO SO BUSY since the day I landed back in LA from Warped Tour. Between catching up on my beauty days, errands, meetings and setting sail to Catalina Island…I could use a nap or 6. What have you been up to?

Trend To Rock: Colored Mascara

Color is key to making your makeup pop and have your unique look stand out amongst the rest. There is nothing more gorgeous than a classic black lash yet I am so all for the colored lash! Dior just put out an incredible colored mascara line that I am obsessed with. Take a look at… More »

Kim Kardashian Has A Name Change + Sexy Passport Pic!

We see you Mrs. West! Yes, you heard us right. Kim Kardashian finally changed her name to Kim Kardashian West and she’s got a sexy passport pic to prove it!

Mrs. West…

Buzznet IG Recap: My Beauty Day In LA!

As you may have seen, I took over @buzznet‘s IG yesterday to showcase what a beauty day in LA is like for me and my friends. From lipstick to gel nails…you can see it all here in case you missed it! What are your beauty day necessities?

Get The Look: Floral Picnic

Here I am with the second blog dedicated to my serie “Get The Look” for to be inspired by celebs to re-invent our wardrobe 😉

This time I thought about nature…

These Clothes Are To Dye For!

My tie dye Beauty Forever shirt has been SUCH a big hit this summer that it got me looking into other rad tie dye clothes! I feel like tie dye will NEVER get old if done the right way. What are your thoughts on that?

Celebrity Makeup Fails

Celebs most likely pay someone to do their makeup for events, shows, red carpets etc. My mind is blown sometimes when I see some of the horrendous contour or the un even foundation. I found a few pictures of celebs that showcase just that…makeup fails. What would you do if you paid someone to do… More »

Get Your Brow On!

Hey Beauties, Eyebrows are so crucial to shaping your face. Having a good brow can totally brighten your face and give you more of an expressive, youthful look! Here is a gallery of some of the best brows around. What are your thoughts on brows? Do you love them or do you not bother?

Get Braided!

Even though this looks like a four Advil hair style…I’m ready to get braided! Of course it won’t be the first time I rocked a long braid that I vigorously whipped around on stage almost all of 2011 with a mini bald spot to prove it (thankfully my hair grew back.) Oh! I can’t forget… More »

World Premiere: Faroutt “Hey Boo” Music Video!

Earlier this week, the group by the name of Faroutt was introduced to the world with their debut single, “Hey Boo“, featuring vocals by the talented newcomer, Phyllisia, which is avaliable…

What Are Your Thoughts On Stiletto Nails?

As you all know I have been getting my nails done for YEARS now. I have pretty much gotten every shape and color and have rotated through different nail artists to keep it interesting. One of the most popular shapes I have gotten is the stiletto nail so here is a gallery of stiletto nails!… More »

Get The Look: Casual Chic

I thought to create a serie of blogs dedicated to some of my favorite celebs looks: from red carpets through out & about shots.

I felt inspired after have checked few magazines…

Fashion Inspiration: Lace & Leather

This glamorous combo is perfect in each season. It’s sassy, it’s fashion, it’s hot. I always had an addicition for lace and leather and also celebrities seem to can’t have enough: for years on red carpets or in out & about photos, celebs love to combine these two cloths together. Check out my new Fashion… More »

Kimberly Cole Shares Her Biggest Obsession!

I admit it! I have a nail art obsession! Here is my 6 month nail diary! What is your favorite? Annnnnnd…….is this trend leaving us? Thoughts!???

Civil Clothing: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

So I am sure you have seen a past post from me talking about Civil Clothing! If not, well hopefully I am about to give you a first look into your new favorite clothing brand! I seriously can’t get enough fo their stuff, it takes up a good chunk of my wardrobe! Callina and I… More »

My Sunless Summer Glow Can Be Yours!

Hey Friends! It’s summer. The sun is is out and as tempting as it is to lay out in hopes of achieving that perfect golden glow, we all know it’s better to stay slathered in sunscreen and concealed in shade to avoid burns and other damage to your skin. However, that doesn’t mean you have… More »

You Won’t Believe How Great Kristen Stewart Looks With New Short Haircut

Kristen Stewart is the latest starlet to chop off her hair. While the move is nothing that we haven’t seen before, Kristen may pull off short hair better than anyone else we’ve seen…

Kelly Osbourne Gets Big Head Tattoo

Kelly Osbourne‘s hair transformations as of late have taken a turn for the permanent. The 29-year-old got a tattoo on her shaved, purple head. The…

Hot Or Not: The Bleached Eyebrow Trend

As you may know I clearly do not have eyebrows…everyone always asks me what I use or ask if I bleach them. I even had one of my models for my #ExtremeBeauty class bleach her eyebrows because it just adds such an edgy effect and allows you to over play the eye makeup! So many… More »

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