Our Top 10 Favorite Albums Of 2016…So Far

Last week we shared our Top 20 Favorite Songs Of 2016 so far. Today, it’s all about the albums that have ruled our year so far. Ranging from pop to indie to some straight up alternative, these are the albums you need to get your hands on if you haven’t already! Happy listening!

Listen To Bearstronaut’s Synthical Remix of St. Lucia’s “The Way You Remember Me”

synthical – a blissful mixture of synth and tropical elements blended together to give you good feels.

No, “synthical” is not a word. But I just made it…

Song Of The Day: “A Better Hand” by Bearstronaut

For the month of March, I’m going to post a song by a relatively unknown artist and then leave the rest up to…

My Favorite Discoveries of 2012

I’ve been going through all of my posts from this past year and I can’t believe how many bands I’ve featured! Some I’ve known forever while others I blog about the second I’m hooked. Here are my favorite musical discoveries of 2012 along with two other very important things. 😉 What are your favorites? Also… More »

Get To Know: Bearstronaut

Ahhh, synthpop. As most of you know, if you visit my blog a lot, I’m a total synth junkie. I literally cannot get enough of it so whenever I hear a new band, I just…

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