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Bear Attack’s New Music Video For ‘Broke’

Bear Attack is back with a music video for its song “Broke.” Although being broke is never fun and trying to win over a love interest is tough, I absolutely adore this tune! It’s…

Bear Attack Debuts Music Video For ‘The Backpack Song’

Bear Attack released its official music video for its single “The Backpack Song” today in all of its earthy goodness.

Between a hike through the wilderness, pretty crystals and a waterfall, it makes you…

Intern Buzz: 10 Bands You Need To Know

Hello fellow music addicts! I’m on a constant mission to share music with anyone who is willing to listen. Being Buzznet‘s music intern gives me hope that my taste in music is trustworthy! So with that said, here are some bands I think everyone should have on their radar. I always have my ears open… More »

Bear Attack says Rawr

Okay, so they don’t actually say rawr, but that’s what I say every time they announce their name. Bear Attack, made up of 5 members, is an indie-band from Los Angeles (more specifically, the University of Southern California). I’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with this awesome group of kids. Most recently, the band’s… More »

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