World Premiere: Starving In Suburbia!


An eating disorder is not just about wanting to be skinny. It’s about control. We all feel so powerless…

Ballerinas in the Street

The art of dance is so full of beautifully flowing self-expression – and New York City photographer, Dane Shitagi, is capturing its inspirational essence in his amazing new series, Ballerina Project. From playgrounds to street corners to hilltops overlooking the city, he is taking us on an adventure outside of the confined space of a… More »

BTK App – Video #110

Bill: Perfection

Throwback Thursday: Keltie Colleen Dancing

Todays throwback Thursday is a beautiful little video of me dancing in High School, it’s so funny to see what was impressive back then and what is now. In my day, a triple turn was…

Hot or Not? Ashlee Simpson Rocks Lace And Feathers At The Met

Ashlee Simpson sure has come a long way since her black hair, different nose,  and overall Avril-tastic ways. The 28 year-old mother of one (and former ballet dancer herself) attended…


I thought this was just the cutest video, of course there are many cute dog videos but I think this is the first one I’ve posted. The dog Barkley is a Shiba Inu from Japan. Barkley only weighs 17 pounds and they feed him baby carrots for a treat. He gives us a treat by… More »

Styling Actress Kaitlyn Jenkins

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with actress Kaitlyn Jenkins. Her new TV show ‘Bunheads’ will premiere on June 11th on ABC family. I styled her for a photo shoot in the OC, it was such a fun day! I gave her a teen-glam look with lots of colors, accessories, bows, and cupcakes… More »

Ballet Inspired Fashion

Last week I began taking a regular ballet class in Los Angeles. It’s been on my list of things to do. I have a really hard time being selfish with my time and going to do something that is JUST for me. I don’t know what it is about a ballet barre but it brings… More »

Let’s Face It: Ryan Gosling is a Cyborg or Something

In the X-Men universe, there is a group called “Weapon X” who experimented on people (and mutants) in order to create super soldiers.  Operating in the wilds of Canada, they were responsible for the creation…

Get The Look: Black Swan


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