The most amazing gingerbread dollhouses

Happy Holidays, Moon Children!:) How is your December going so far? What are your thoughts on Christmas? To be honest, the holidays are always somewhat of a sad time for me because I’m so far from my family and Estonia. As I’m writing this, I’m dreaming of going ice skating with my mom and sister… More »

Let Them Eat, Gluten-free Shirley Temple Cupcakes!

Ok so everyone I know that must eat gluten free misses one thing, cupcakes. Well I have an amazing cucpcake recipe for you! Remember ordering Shirley Temple drinks as kids? Well…

Ashly’s Holiday Baking Adventure 2007

My mother loves when I come home for the holidays because it means I bake. This year I took it easy, but I wanted to share the process and the results with you. P.S.: The recipe I used for the Chocolate Chip Cookies is an Alton Brown one called The Chewy!

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