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12 Conversation Starters For Your First Day Of School

School is on the horizon and the most stressful part of heading back to school can be meeting new people. Lucky for you I have already been through all the first…

Back To College Fashions For 2012

With fall right around the corner, I’m inspired everywhere. I try to make all of my looks versatile so they can work for school, the office, or play. Check out some of the looks that are inspiring my wardrobe this fall. What do you think?

Original Style Watch: Celebrity Year Book Photos

Ok so Everyone has had horrible year book photos… mine included! And I thought it was only fair to post mine as well. This is from 9th grade (I think?) 2001? 2002? YES, that is my naturally curly hair ha! My eyebrows look like they are drawn on chola style but I asure you they… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Lauren Berger’s High School Memories

Hey guys, Summer was fun but all good things must come to an end and thanks to school summer will do just that. Be excited, it is time to turn a new page and make new friends! In honor of Back To School season I have answered a few questions about MY high school memories… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies That Make You Want to Go Back to School

It’s the heart of back to school season, which can only mean one thing: summer is coming to an end! No more hanging out and doing nothing all day, no more spending hours…

Ashley Tisdale and I Talk Fashion, School and Style Part 2

As promised, here’s the last part of the interview I did with Ashley Tisdale during her trip to JCPenney! I’m so happy I was able to get Ashley’s thoughts on all things…

Ashley Tisdale wants to take you back to school shopping!

Everyone needs a makeover just in time for Back to School, even Ashley Tisdale!  Ashley, who starred in her first commercial EVER for JCPenney at the age of 3 is returning back to her roots,…

High School Memories

All of you are probably getting ready to go back to school really soon and say goodbye to summer vacation. Here is a gallery of a few photos of me from high school circa 2000 as well as a short interview I did that lets you all know about my high school memories! Was the… More »

High School Memories!

Hey guys, Here is a gallery and a fun Q&A about for you to all check out! I know a lot of you are getting ready to go back to school so I wanted to share my thoughts and memories on high school! Was the first day of High School as scary for you as… More »

High School Memories

Hey guys, So it is kinda crazy how long ago High School really was when I think about it. Even though so much changes after High School graduation it can still feel like yesterday that you were walking up to start your first day! School is starting soon so I put together a gallery of… More »

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