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Celeb Babies Born in 2011

Many celebrities were expecting with buns in their ovens in late 2010 and early this year, leaving the public in suspense as to when their new bundle of joy would make its first public appearance. 2011 had a number of celeb babies pop into the world. Here are the celeb babies we met this year!

Demon Spawns That Top Renesmee Cullen

A few summers ago I sought comfort on the ground as I curled into the fetal position trying to recover from what may be the most brutal birthing scene ever written in the English language. *BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS* In the final chapter of the Twilight Saga, Bella gives birth to a half human half vampire… More »

Question of the Day: Do You Want Kids?

Hey baby, wanna wrestle?

This baby here is named Nicolas. He is a friend of Lainie. I’ve been looking for the proper “Hey baby, wanna wrestle?” gif…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Moments I Would Like To Share With Brit

Here I am again with another blog dedicated to my Queen, Miss Britney Spears. This is the number 10 and October 24th is around the corner, so my travel…

Meet Harper Beckham!

Aww, check out daddy’s little girl, Harper Seven Beckham, with proud father David Beckham! Both Victoria and David Beckham unveiled photos of one week old baby Harper on Twitter and Facebook. How adorable! I can’t wait to see her at Suri Cruise‘s age, can you imagine the closet?

An Open Letter to MTV Regarding Their Open Letter to Mariah Carey

Hi, MTV.  I know we don’t get along…well, pretty much EVER these days.  But I often end up on your main site as well as your Buzzworthy blog when I’m looking for a hot tip…

The Unplanned Future of Planned Parenthood


     Between the ages of five and seven I lived in two homeless shelters with my mother and sister. I can still smell the stale donut breakfasts and feel the…


I love my little red heads



More MSI Babies!

Yesterday came the announcement that Gerard Way and Lindsey Ballato are expecting their first baby, and today (via Mindless Self Indulgence‘s facebook) we learn that another

First Comes Love…Then Comes Marriage…

I see it happen anytime a celebrity couple announces they’re getting married.  Or that they have gotten married.

The general first reactions are “OMG CONGRATULATIONS!”  Or raging jealousy.

And of course, the inevitable: “OMG THEY’RE GONNA MAKE…

The World’s Youngest Drummer.

This kid, er BABY is 21 months old. OMG. All hail Julian Pavone. (This is an unedited vid, kinda long, but you get the idea pretty quick!) Source

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