Ten Things To Help You Through Monday! #2

Once again, Monday has dawned on us! Party frocks and dancing shoes aside, it’s time to get back in to routine. Fortunatly for me, I had a day off work today, so I have spent the entire day chilling out! Nolan and I poped in to town for a short while and brought back something… More »

Music Monday: Mumford and Sons.

Considering their new album is released today, I wanted to do a little segment on their music and share with the world my thoughts.

Artist of the Week: Mumford and Sons.

I found out about Mumford and…

Mumford and Sons Announces Los Angeles Tour Date

The new Mumford and Sons album, Babel, will be available in the U.S. tomorrow! I almost wish I was in the U.K. right now. They are already celebrating today’s U.K. release.

Luckily, fans in…

The Golden Globes Nominations: Leo Vs. Leo, Clint Vs. Clint

With no Golden Globes story line as compelling as last year’s tension over whether or not the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would pit Heath Ledger’s mumble-mouthed rancher against Jake Gyllenhaal’s dreamy-eyed-yet-mercurial cowpoke (or, more accurately,… from

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