Artist To Buzz About: AURORA

For fans of: Lorde, Sia, Bjork. The indie world has been buzzing about Norway’s 19 year-old sensation, AURORA, for over a year now – and for good reason! It’s kind of like the singer takes you on a magical journey through a forest with every song and with the recent release of her highly-anticipated debut… More »

Bands To Buzz About Spring ’15 Round Up

It still feels like spring in NYC lately but summer is on its way! More artists are coming your way so sit tight and check out what you may have missed this season!

Artist To Buzz About Spring ’15: AURORA

Influenced by nature and all of the beauty that comes along with it, 18 year-old Norway native, AURORA, is making a name for…

Fresh Face: Ireland Baldwin

Blonde? check. Statuesque? check. Celeb DNA? double check! According to my calculations, Ireland Baldwin has everything it takes to be fashion’s next “it” girl. At 17 and 6’2″ with a waterfall of golden locks, she is hard to miss. Oh, and it does kind of help that she is the celeb spawn of the notorious… More »

We Knew It! Jennifer lawrence Is Actually A Disney Princess

Jennifer Lawrence possesses all of the qualities one could desire in a princess, humor, beauty, talent. She also managed to fall perfectly into the pose that all Disney Princesses cry…

Christian Bale Springs Surprise Visit To Aurora Shooting Victims

Last Friday’s The Dark Knight Rises midnight screenings around the nation were supposed to be a time of excitement, anticipation and fun times all around for Batman and movie buffs alike, with…

Realistically Drawn Disney Princesses

I personally could stare at the various Disney princesses all day long. I think that some part of my brain receives extra dopamine whenever I see cartoon-y flowing hair held back by a headband or a magical dress that sparkles. Graphic designer Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has given the Disney dames a new look, and… More »

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