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The 5 Most Defining Scenes Of The Hills

It’s crazy to think that MTV’s The Hills happened over a decade ago! From crazy club fights to boy problems to everything in between, there was no shortage of juicy drama on MTV’s hottest reality show. We rounded up 5 of The Hills‘ most defining scenes for you to relive. Do you miss it at… More »

Scared To Death: A Terrifying Night At Knott’s Scary Farm

SO last night Brittany and I faced our fears and headed over to Knotts Scary Farm. Let me just start off by saying we were TERRIFIED. Words can’t express the distress…

Celebrities Rocking The Leather Trend (VIDEO)

It’s Fashion Week, and that means all of the hottest designers are showcasing what the newest trends will be. However, there’s no need to look any further than Hollywood’s most stylish to know that…

Late Night Photobooth Sesh With Myself…

When I get bored.. I tend to open up Photobooth on my MAC laptop and take millions of pictures of myself.. Here are a few! LOL –Check em out!

Audrina’s Boobs — Fake as the Hills?

Filed under: The Our photog told Audrina Patridge that we had a poll on the website asking if her hills were real or fake … problem is, that poll doesn’t exist.Sorry, “didn’t” exist. See Also And Starring … Audrina’s Boobs Audrina’s Hills are ALIVE! … Read more from

Audrina’s Skanky Coverup

Filed under: Hot Vegas, The After showing the world your goodies in photos, naturally the next step is to show them in person.Following in the mansize 11 footsteps of Paris Hilton, and other more demure chicks like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, Audrina from “The Hills”… Read more from

Obvious Observation: Audrina Patridge In Search of Her Dignity

Photos: Or is she trying to hide from it? More photos of Audrina Partridge arriving at her home are after the jump. from

The Hills new season trailer

Audrina’s Lips Sealed on V Day

Filed under: Star TMZ caught L.C.’s hanger-on, Audrina Patridge, alone on Valentine’s Eve in Hollywood — offering “no comment” about her press-possessed co-stars, Heidi and Spencer. John Mayer flies into Katsuya, where he let loose with some TMZers. In NYC: Mariah… Read more from

Lauren Conrad’s new digs

So, I guess reality TV pays, eh? Dear ‘ol LC moved into her new pad recently…

Lauren Conrad visits her new $2.5 million Hollywood home…

Audrina’s Ignorant to the Internets

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, The L.C.’s sidekick, Audrina Patridge, has been making a name for herself on TMZ lately — but she wouldn’t know it — girl doesn’t have Internet!TMZ caught the “Hills” cutie outside of Il Tramezzino on Friday night with boyfriend/slacker Justin-Bobby…. Read more from

The Fugs

Of all the girls on The Hills — Relateable-Girl-With-TERRIBLE-Taste-in-Dudes Lauren, Spencer-Lover and-Bad-Idea-Jeans-Wearer Heidi, Tall-Quiet-Seemingly-Very-Well-Adjusted Whitney — Audrina is the least well-characterized. We saw more of her last season (and since she’s living with Lauren now, we’re probably going to see… from

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