My Meez Avatar!

I just had SO much fun making this cartoon version of myself on!  I was able to pick out cute clothes and shoes, and they even had my pink hair!…

Video Diary 8 The Making Of Viva La Kitty

This is the making of Viva La Kitty! We had such a great time shooting that day I hope you guys loved the editorial as much as us!

Summer Trend I’m Going To Miss: FLOWER CROWNS

As fall slowly approches and I get exicited just thinking of all the layers I can pile on, part of me gets rather heartbroken at the thought of flower crowns no longer being acceptable in their pale pretty easter egg colors! I have figured out that dark red white and black ones seem to look… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Strawberry Remix

Orbit asked me to create a look inspired by one of their flavors, so I decided to go with the Strawberry Remix because I love pink and I love…

Best & Worst Dressed At The Teen Choice Awards

My best dressed goes to Fergie hands down for the star Dolce & Gabbana dress, I have been drooling over that for a long time! I’m also feeling Lucy Hale’s. It’s edgy without being over the top or out of character. As far as worst dressed it might have to go to…. as much as… More »

Olsen Twins Fashion Inspiration

As you all may or may not know, I’m a huge sucker for the Olsen twins. Im currently inspired by their poor little rich girl grungy look!

Announcing the winner of my Teen Choice Contest!

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for entering my Teen Choice Contest!  I was blown away by all of the entries…it was really hard for me to pick and you guys…

Video Diary #5: Behind the Scenes of My Tokyolux Shoot with Kerli

Hey guys, my fifth video diary is finally up! This time I take you behind the scenes at my Tokyolux shoot with Kerli… Many more to come hopefully. They can be edited fast so I can catch you guys up on my crazy life!

Katy Perry’s New Pink Hair!

Katy Perry just revealed a new pink-haired look in Los Angeles this morning.  Naturally I love it!

This isn’t Katy’s first foray into color, as she has also…

Behind the Scenes at My Shoot with Audrey and Kerli

Reblogged from DIRK MAI

Here is a behind the scenes look at my shoot with Kerli and Audrey Kitching that we did at my loft in downtown LA. The…

Behind the Scenes at My Shoot with Audrey and Kerli

Reblogged from DIRK MAI

Here is a behind the scenes look at my shoot with Kerli and Audrey Kitching that we did at my loft in downtown LA. The…

15 Pretty Punk Prom Dresses

It’s prom season so I thought I’d share 15 dresses I’d love to wear if I were going to prom this year!

Alice Dellal Is The Perfect Coco De Coeur Girl

The Brazilian model and socialite is the perfect Coco De Coeur girl. Gearing up for our new collection, we can’t help but look at Alice for a little inspiration! Im pretty sure you have seen clones with the same hair, style and tattoos walking around. Alice is the original, so bow down and enjoy some… More »

Coco de Coeur Giveaway: Enter to Win the Shirt Worn by Hayley Williams in Cosmo!

My line Coco de Coeur was recently featured in Hayley Williams’ interview in Cosmo Magazine! I decided this would be the perfect prize to giveaway to a fan on Buzznet. Look through this gallery of my Coco De Coeur collection and comment on your favorite pieces to enter to win. I will pick the winning… More »

Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free is one of my new favorite models! My boyfriend is convinced it’s because we both have pink hair and dress like ragamuffins when we’re not working… I may have to agree with this. She does justify my t-shirt and layering and makes it seem fabulous to do so!

My Favorite Things from Around the Web

I’m going to start posting every Tuesday and Thursday my 12 favorite things I find online. You never know what will make my list…could be fashion, a movie, a news story or just something cute that I couldnt resist. Youll find the 12 things that I love HERE And the most exciting part is that… More »

KIIS FM’s Teen Choice Lounge at W Los Angeles-Westwood

On Friday I hit up KIIS FM’s Teen Choice Lounge at W Los Angeles – Westwood. I did the photo booth,…

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