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Ashlee Holmes: OOTD -MTV Movie Awards Edition

Hey you guys! So as you know I attended this years MTV Movie Awards again this year. I had so much fun! I got to see soooo many celebrities. I even got the chance to interview a few. I surpringly didn’t take a lot of photos. From the few photos that I did post, a… More »

50 Shoes That I MUST Have

It’a ALL STAR month at Buzznet. I decided make a gallery of 50 pairs of shoes that I have on my ‘TO BUY’ list. I included a link under each image of where you can purchase the shoe just in case you have the money to do so and you like them too! 😉

SXSW: Who To Watch

SXSW IS FINALLY HERE!!!! If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year, you MUST check out the free screening of this AMAZING film. “The Other Dave” tells the story of David Manning, whose life was changed the day he was struck by lightning. Now fully disabled, the story centers on the changes in Dave… More »

Ashlee Holmes: LA Instagram Pics

Hey you crazy kids! If you’ve read my recent blog posts, you probably already know that I’m back on the West coast. Check out a few of my personal Instagram photos since I’ve been back 🙂 ALSO** Check out this awesome video that I made of me with my boyfriend, and friends my first week… More »

Dani Vitale’s NYC Adventure

New York City.

Never enough time inside you.

You always teach me a lot of things about life, about myself, and about others when I come to…

Shuku New York: Top 25 UNDER $100

I’m currently obsessed with this brand called Shuku New York. I’ve been following them on Instagram and I love everything they post. I decided to finally check out their site. Turns out they are super affordable. Check out my top 25 favorite items for under $100. I even included the links for you! xx Happy… More »

Merry Christmas from the Laurita/Manzo clan!

Here is a video I put together from Christmas Eve at my Aunt Caroline’s house. My favorite part is the end with my little brother Nicholas and my Dad. I’m so happy that it ended up snowing on Christmas Eve! Eeeep! 🙂 What did you do for the Holidays?

20 Questions With: Jacqueline Laurita

Most of you know Jacqueline Laurita as the sweetheart that isn’t afraid to stand up for herselfon Bravo‘s ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘. I know her as my Mommy. I asked my Mama a series of 20 random questions. Some of them were questions that fans wanted to know, some are just for fun…. More »

My New Obsession: Embellished Collars

I have a bunch of new obsessions lately. One of them is: EMBELLISHED COLLARS. YES. It’s just so simple and adorable. I especially love when I see girls wearing crewneck sweatshirts or sweaters with an embellished collar popping out. It changes the whole outfit –for the better. I know that this style isn’t exactly the… More »

She’s Always Buzzing Just Like NEON.

Check out this gallery of some of my favorite neon art. I just LOVE the look of neon typography. It’s such a beautiful form of art to me. In my next apartment, I am totally going to have a neon sign made for one of the walls. I am completely obsessed. Comment on your favorites!

20 Questions With Fashion Blogger: Nicole Alyse

I recentlly asked my good friend/fashion blogger a few interesting questions. Nicole Alyse is notoriously known for her collection of vintage tees, disposable cameras, and her love for iced coffee. Nicole is aNew York City based vintage collector turned clothing curator. Follow her blog here. Check out what she had to say below, as well… More »

Welcome back!!

Well hello buzznet! It has certainly been a very long time since I used you! Let’s get started shall we?

My name is Maisie and I’m just your average 18 year old girl, living in the…

Welcome back!!

Well hello buzznet! It has certainly been a very long time since I used you! Let’s get started shall we?

My name is Maisie and I’m just your average 18 year old girl, living in the…


I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL! It’s 100% my absolute favorite season. I especially love fall fashion. Check out this gallery of some lovely ordinary people dressed in some awesome fall fashion outfits. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas! I know that I’m always looking online for cute outfit ideas and inspiration. Enjoy! xx

Giveaway Alert: Studded Accessories

YES! YES! YES! If you guys haven’t heard of Studded Accessoriesby now, you will soon. Studded makes not only phone cases, but all sorts of other accessories. Studded headbands and refurbished tshirts are some of the other awesome products that Studded has to offer. Alyssa Gandolfo has decided to team up with me and give… More »

Giveaway Alert: Wildflower Cases!

Hey you guys! As some of you may already know, phone cases have become a pretty important staple in your wardrobe. Lately it seems like everyone is in competition with…

Style Icon:Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching is designer, hair stylist, makeup artist, model, and Buzznet correspondent Residing in Los Angeles, California. she is a fashion icon has a unique and original style, since I can remember I’ve always loved Audrey! and to date still, her pink hair is what I like about it is amazing! which is your favorite… More »

Day 156: Happy 3rd Buzziversary To Me!!!

Oh Lordy, I was really really worried since I couldn’t enter here and I really don’t know why but the page said me it was not aviable and overloaded! I was like: OMG! It can’t…

Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Jessi Jae Joplin

Check out these photos of yours truly from my buzzmaker photo shoot by the super talented Cameron Rad. They came out so great! I got to choose props to use, so I chose a hula hoop, silly string…and even stole some hair spray from the stylist and created fire! Gotta love the rebel in me…. More »

Spring According To….

So, this little gallery was born from my mind a few of hours ago, while I started to drawing a new portrait, this time about Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation’s singer (also included in this gallery). Since it’s Spring right now, I thought to put all my fav female inspirations together in a gallery with… More »

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