15 Pieces Of Olympic Eye Candy: The Hottest Athletes Of The 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are upon us, starting tomorrow July 27th in London. Even if you’ve never tuned in once to the epic games, you should definitely tune in this year. Why? I’ll let the 15 hottest athletes competing in the games speak for themselves! Here are the 15 hottest athletes of the 2012 Olympics! Which… More »

Shaun White Appreciation Post

Last night at the 2012 Winter X-Games, Shaun White made history: he became the first athlete ever to five-peat in Snowboard Superpipe.  Oh, and he did that with another first: White’s victory lap…

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White In a Dress. You’re Welcome.

Okay, so I’m not all up on my fashion stuff, but isn’t there some unspoken rule about redheads wearing pink?  Anyone?  Help?

Well, if there is, snowboarding superstar Shaun White broke that rule all over the…

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