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Explaining the Video: Cobra Starship “Living in the Sky with Diamonds”

The newest video for Cobra Starship, “Living in the Sky with Diamonds” from their CD Hot Mess, is a simple but beautiful story about love, loss and fruit.

We begin with a girl who is walking

I Suppose It Was Inevitable: Twilight Graphic Novel to Release in March

Yep.  That’s rightTwilight fans can now look at pretty manga style pictures of Bedward and Ella as they fall in love.  Dreamy. [cut=Here we go…]

The adaptation of the novel was drawn by Young…


Recently, Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series, commented to MTV about Twilight.  Why?  Because it’s MTV, where you have to mention Twilight every 12 seconds or

Top 10 Things Ronnie Radke Can Do While Under House Arrest

Fans of justice, rejoice!  Because, that totally innocent-except-for-that-whole-pleading-guilty-in-court-thing Ronnie Radke is up for parole and may be headed for house arrest!  Or at least, that’s the word on the blog for his new band

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