ashley paige

Bikini Bust Out

if you want to be a designer pay close attention!!

Pink Glitter Batons: Ashley Paige Teaches us to Twirl

ashley’s store is really cool. i think it would be so fun if she had her models twirl batons at her next show. would sux if someone dropped one though haha. don’t forget to help get ashleys tv show Bikini or Bustback for a 2nd season on TLC. make a stink HERE lots of new… More »

Kickin’ It at the Ashley Paige Fashion & Doggie Rescue Show with Taco

ashley paige invited me and anna to her fashion show at the roosevelt hotel in la. her bathing suits are the cutest, but i also love the fact that she had the most adorable dogs there that people could rescue. now…i need all of your help to make sure ashleys tv show Bikini or Bust… More »

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