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Pale vs. Tan

I grew up 15 minutes from the beach in sunny Southern California. There are almost as many tanning salons as there are Starbucks. Having that glow about you is perceived as “healthy.” No one talks about skin cancer. Basically, this is a reminder for myself, and for those of you not born bronzed (or with… More »

Bronx Wentz and Gabe Saporta

Pete posted this pic here, but I had to lighten it up in photoshop to see any facial features. 🙂

Best In Tweets: TWEETRACE ’09

So much going on in the Twitterverse this week. The erosion of our moral compasses, the Simpson family (not the yellow cartoons, btw) joining, and Ashton Kutcher racing Britneybot and CNN to a million…

Clip: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson on CSI: NY

Get stoked. I hope Ashlee does some bad@ss ninja moves on those thugs. Except that I don’t think that’s whats supposed to happen, at all. Still, It’d be cool, no?

BX’s first public appearance?

He exists! More cuteness @ JustJared.

Ready For Valentine’s Day?

here’s a little playlist of some songs that will get you in the mood.


Pete and Ashlee Ring In the New Year, Make Resolutions

Looks like the Simpson-Wentz’s got a sitter on New Years Eve so they could host a bash at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. Ashlee shed her red-headedness since her post-preg status allowed her to go

The Blonde is back

Ashlee goes out a Blonde on New Years Eve. Pete’s digit still healing. Photo Credit: Wenn (DO NOT REPOST)

The Simpson-Wentz’s at Pure

On New Years Eve. Aww. Lookin’ good, guys! Photo Credit: Wenn (DO NOT REPOST)


Pete & Ashlee on New Years Eve Photo Credit: Wenn (DO NOT REPOST)

Ash and Pete hit Pure on New Years Eve

Cutesy. Photo Credit: Wenn

Ashlee is super cute and BLONDE!

Baby Bronx is out, bleach is IN (her hair, duh) Photo Credit: Wenn

The Simpson-Wentz’s on NYE

Photo Credit: Wenn

My Top 15 Songs of 2008

2008 is about to come to a close.  And 2008 in music has been huge: we’ve heard new music from The Academy Is…, Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes, Panic at the Disco, Pink,

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson Show Off Bronx for X-Mas

A Christmas gift from Pete, Ashlee and Bronx. [cut=Cute and cuddly details…] 

Presenting <a href=”a’>”>a special kind of preciousness</a>, courtesy FOE. Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy inside?


Top FanGirl Moments of 2008

Bree McGuire (Buzznet network project manager, breesays) might have her own fans, but she still has her own fangirl moments. Trust.

Ashlee Simpson Emerges for FOB Show, Art Show; Blogs About It!

Ashlee Simpson must’ve left newborn baby Bronx Mowgli in the care of a nanny, because the radiant new mama was in attendance at Fall Out Boy‘s Troubadour show on Monday night

Without You I’m Just Me: Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy Present Their ‘Folie a Deux’s’ in L.A.

So I stumbled out of my apartment this evening hoping to get inspired by some Pete/Travie creations and this event turned out to be STAR-STUDDED. No joke! [cut=It was kind of a big deal, guys…]


Happy FN Holidays Airing on December 5

Last week we got some info on the return of Pete Wentz’s F’N MTV. The first episode of Season 2, airing on December 5th, will feature a live performance by the FOBs as well

Raising Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are parents now, and despite the tough name (Bronx Mowgli) they gave their little bundle of joy, let’s not forget that a newborn