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Best and Worst Maternity Looks

pregnancy is such a beautiful thing….sometimes. 

Check out my list of best and worst dresses pregnant celebs!


this is such a mess, for obvious reasons

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Is Pete Wentz Going to Be a Dad… Again?

Since his son with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson was born, Pete Wentz has proven to be quite the father to Bronx Mowgli. It’s been very touching to see…

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz: Officially Divorced!

To those who secretly (and not-so-secretly!) hoped that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz would get back together and nix their divorce, I have some very bad news…

Jessica Simpson: Baby Bump Flying High?

Is she or is she not pregnant? Speculation that Jessica Simpson is with child has been running rampant for…

5 Reasons Why We Love Ashlee Simpson

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Ashlee Simpson today! The actress/singer turns the big 2-7 today and how amazing it’s been to see her grow up. Long…

The Evolution Of Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson has tried on just about every hair color, from black to blond-tipped brown to her current flaxen bob. Along with her hair her style has changed over the years. Ashlee is one hot mom! Have a look at how she grew from a teen actor (remember 7th Heaven?) into a hit recording artist… More »

Are Pete Wentz and Michelle Trachtenberg Rekindling An Old Flame?

Taking a cue from his estranged wife Ashlee Simpson, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz looks like he’s moved on… to a former flame! This past holiday weekend…

Jessica Simpson is Headed Back to Reality… TV, That Is!

No, she’s not going to star in another version of Newlyweds – but Jessica Simpson is headed back into the world of reality TV ! Bringing her fashion expertise, Jessica…

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Team Up To Start a Clothing Line

Sisters haven’t been this cute since the Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley created a line when THEY were tweens! Singer Jessica Simpson and her little sis Ashlee Simpson

Happy Awkward Moment Day!: 5 Of The Most Awkward Moments On TV

Ever had an awkward moment? Of course you have. Everyone has – in fact, you’re probably not human if you’ve said no. But ever had it in front of millions of people on…

Pete Wentz Opens Up About Split With Ashlee Simpson

Pete Wentz was nothing but a gentleman when chatting with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show with KIIS FM about his relationship and split with…

Ashlee Simpson Maybe Rebounding with Craig Owens…and Other Reasons This Divorce May Get Nasty

The original statement from Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz regarding their divorce included the statement “We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son Bronx, whose happiness and well-being remains our…

Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz Reunite on Valentine’s Day

No, unforch they’re not getting back together.

But despite being in the process of getting a divorce, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz did meet up for lunch on the…

Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce Against Pete Wentz

Reblogged from breesays is reporting that Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce against Pete Wentz, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

There is no prenup and she is asking…

Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce From Pete Wentz is reporting that Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce from Pete Wentz, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

There is no prenup and she is asking for joint custody of baby…

The Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

We first knew her as Ashlee Simpson – the rebellious punk rock sister of Jessica. Now she’s Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, wife of Pete Wentz and mother of Bronx. Who saw that coming during the ‘Pieces of Me’ era? Welcome to the Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

OMG! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Angelina Jolie LIKE THE SAME POPULAR THINGS!

As part of my daily schedule when digging up stuff for blogs around here, I find myself on  Sometimes I find new stuff for Explaining the Video blogs, sometimes I find news leads, sometimes…

Song vs. Song: Love

Which song best expresses the heart-melting, soul-glowing, jazz-hands-inducing emotion of LOVE? Pick your lovesick poison.

What’s Worse?

Pop culture produces some pretty…uh, interesting things. Some good, some bad, some ugly–I’ve done you the favor of eliminating the good, now you must choose between awful and even more awful! Use those critical thinking skills, kids.

Allow Me to Pre-Emptively Mock You

So, Fall Out Boy announced to MTV today that, after the end of their tour with Blink-182, they are going on an indefinate hiatus.

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