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This Time Last Year….

My birthday is coming up on the first of December and I was just looking through pictures of what I did on my birthday last year and I thought I would share a few of them with you –Enjoy! xx


OKAY… SO… today is Brynn Foley’s birthday! Brynn has been one of my best friends for the past few years now. I love her so much. She is just such an amazing person is so many ways. She’s funny, sweet, genuine –not to mention she has a HUGE penis. She’s an amazing friend and I… More »


I’m sorry that you can’t really hear me that well…… and I’m also sorry that I look like WOOF.. haha.. but.. anyway… GOODLUCK!!!!!! I will be judging the drawings not just by “how good they are”, but by the effort that’s put into them. Art is art. Everyone has their own interpretations. ********Enter by leaving… More »

Halloween Kickoff

I went to my first Halloween party of the weekend last night with a few friends of mine. Sadly, I didn’t know it was a Halloween party until I got there… uhhhh haha.. oh well! I still had a good time! I wish I could have dressed up though! The night started at Geisha House… More »

Remember That Time: I Was Blonde ?

Do you guys remember that time I was blonde?! I was missing my blonde hair a little bit today…


Are You A “Baller” On A Budget ?!

Do you LOVE Jeffrey Campbell shoes as much as I do? -Wildfox? -Betsey Johnson? –BUT you don’t really have the money to splurge on such things at the moment? WELL… I stumbled upon a website called Zoela’s. It has some PRETTY AWESOME knockoffs. Here are a few pics of things I found on the site…. More »

The Last Supper


Chris March is an AMAZING designer. His first episode of his…

Back To School With The Cab: The BAD Boys

Reblogged from The Cab

Just about everyone should be back in school this week, and to help you get over the pain of doing homework again, The Cab are sharing…

Fashion Inspiration: Wildberry Remix

Orbit asked me to create an outfit inspired by one of their new gum pack designs, so I picked Wildberry Remix. I just LOVE purple! It’s always…

A Brief Look At: The Evolution Of Makeup

I LOVE MAKEUP. I recently became OBSESSED with the 60s/70s style makeup. While I was googling some pictures of different looks, I began to look for images of makeup styles from other generations. I started finding a bunch of images I liked –so I thought I would make a gallery of the evolution of makeup… More »

Andrew McMahon &I

I have a strong love for Andrew McMahon. I don’t have a crush on him or anything, I just think he is an incredibly talented musician, and all around a good person. I have always LOVED Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, but after seeing Dear Jack (// I gained soooooo much more respect for him… More »

Ashlee Holmes interviews The Cab

Check out a few stills from my interview with Alex DeLeon and Alex Marshall of The Cab! I loved getting a chance to talk to these guys! They were very funny and sooooo sweet. –All around great guys. Not to mention they are AMAZING musicians. Check em out if you haven’t heard em yet!! I… More »

BANGS.. a mustache for your forehead

So… I can’t decide if I should cut some bold bangs or not… thoughts?

RIP Amy Winehouse

I’m working on a drawing as a tribute to Amy WInehouse… she was such a talented artist.. it’s definitely a devistating loss for the music industry despite any problems she may have had… I think it’s really sad that her death is something that probably could have been prevented… another one gone too soon taken… More »

Child of the 90’s

In the spirit of 1990’s Nickelodeon shows being back on the air, here are a few random pictures of me from the glory days with my family. Check out how pretty my mom Jacqueline was! Speaking of my mom, have you guys taken my Who Is Your Favorite Housewife of New Jersey poll yet? You’re… More »


So today I sort of got off to a late start… but my Aunt Jamie and I are about to go run some errands… the handsome gentleman in the picture with me is my adorable baby cousin Cade. Cade and my brother Nicholas were born on the same day… how cool is that?! Anyway.. I… More »

Joe Jonas at House Of Blues Sunset

Last night my friend Kate & I went to see Joe Jonas perform at the House of Blues. JoJo & Jay Sean opened for him, they were great! I’m not a super fan of Joe Jonas or anything, but I do have to admit that I have a small crush on the guy. Joe is… More »

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