British Artist D*FACE Gives More Insight To Xtina “BIONIC.” Art

For those unfamilair with D*Face’s work, he also designed the art…

Ashlee Holmes x Dexter Brown Photography

Dexter Brown is an award winning and published photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. He attended Columbia College Chicago, and studied Photography and Advertising Art Direction. Dexter’s work has been featured in worldwide publications and online digital media. He also happens to be a VERY good friend of mine. Dexter is currently putting… More »

Katy Perry Reveals ‘Dark Horse’ Art

Katy Perry just released the album artwork for her single, “Dark Horse.” The art is an illustrated depiction of the singer in, possibly Victorian-era garb. It’s fitting for the song that references “playing…

EXCLUSIVE: “Britney Jean” Album Artwork

The “Britney Jean” album artwork leaked! It features tons of new outtakes, writing credits, list of producers and a thank you note from Britney. Production: Alien – William Orbit, HyGrade, Anthony Preston Work Bitch –, Sebastian Ingrosso, Otto Knows, Anthony Preston Perfume –, Chris Braide It Should Be Easy –, David Guetta,… More »

Dawes Reveal Fiery Album Artwork

This week has seen some very exciting music news for Buzznet readers, with the image of roaring flames

She’s Always Buzzing Just Like NEON.

Check out this gallery of some of my favorite neon art. I just LOVE the look of neon typography. It’s such a beautiful form of art to me. In my next apartment, I am totally going to have a neon sign made for one of the walls. I am completely obsessed. Comment on your favorites!

My Favorite Epic Album Covers

Me and music have been in a happy relationship for 20 years. I’m totally the girl who has to rewind a certain part when the drums are just too insane to handle or a vocal note hit me like a ton of bricks. I usually hit friends during live shows to make sure they caught… More »

Unicorns, Stars, and Rainbow Kittens: The Evolution of Lisa Frank

Oh to be 10-years-old again. The time where your only care in the world was whether or not Justin Timberlake would actually consider dating someone your age (thankfully not,) and when nothing brought you greater joy/street cred than showing off your new ballin’ Lisa Frank folder. Now, i never thought of Lisa Frank as anything… More »

100 Fan Tattoos Inspired By The Used

The Used is a band I have been listening to for years! Ever since their 2002 self-titled release, I was hooked and caught them live as much as I possibly could. The first time I saw them live in action was Warped Tour in 2003. I waited all day in the heat at the main… More »

All Time Low Reveal ‘Don’t Panic’ Artwork & Details

Here it is here kids, the face of All Time Lows forthcoming album Don’t Panic. Looks like they have decided to return to an animated cover instead of a photo of themselves.…

Music Notes 7/16

Music Notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

Go Radio reveals new album artwork. 

The Gaslight Anthem stream new album. 

The Starting Line reveals 10-year anniversary tour details. And my heart bursts with…

Buzznet Exclusive: Big Time Rush Reveal New Single Artwork

Big Time Rush is ready to release a new single that will get you ready for summer! The teen idol’s new song, “Windows Down” will hit iTunes on June 25th and we…

Sleeping With Sirens Reveal Details Of Acoustic ‘Soundtrack’ EP

The idea of concept albums first begun in 1940 with Woody Gurthie‘s ‘Dust Bowl Ballads’. Since then, themed albums have come a long way appearing in almost every genre and telling…

Neverending Story: Photography Of Saga Sig

A kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and juxtapositions fill the work of Iceland-born, London-based fashion and art photographer Saga Sig, one of my favorite new photographers known for her original and different perspective. Her work is a piece of art, both fierce and feminine; powerful and fragile; chaotic and serene. Sig’s work is the epitome of… More »

Ashlee Holmes Tattoo Guide

Check out all of my tattoos! 🙂 &YES.. I want more.

Free Song From Honor Society… Get ready to have an ‘Obsession’!

Honor Society just finished the sunday live chat and we now have a brand new song! ‘Obsession’ is the new tune from the gents and ITS FREE! Head on over to and click on the…


I’m sorry that you can’t really hear me that well…… and I’m also sorry that I look like WOOF.. haha.. but.. anyway… GOODLUCK!!!!!! I will be judging the drawings not just by “how good they are”, but by the effort that’s put into them. Art is art. Everyone has their own interpretations. ********Enter by leaving… More »

RIP Amy Winehouse

I’m working on a drawing as a tribute to Amy WInehouse… she was such a talented artist.. it’s definitely a devistating loss for the music industry despite any problems she may have had… I think it’s really sad that her death is something that probably could have been prevented… another one gone too soon taken… More »

random artwork

Here are a few pictures of some of my artwork… most of them are unfinished.. I’ll finish them eventually lol

Jack’s Mannequin Releases OFFICIAL “Swim” Video

A little over a month ago, Jack’s Mannequin gave us a montage-tastic music video for “Swim”–but it was just to hold fans over until the polished masterpiece was complete. And now it is. [cut=Let’s…

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