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Colton Haynes and Holland Roden Talk About MTV’s New Sci-Fi Series Teen Wolf

Coolest people ever. These two were so nice and it was so much fun interviewing them 🙂

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Buzznet’s very own Armen…

Colton Haynes and Holland Roden Talk About MTV’s New Sci-Fi Series Teen Wolf

Buzznet’s very own Armen Atoyan had the chance to sit down with the cast of MTV’s newest upcoming series Teen Wolf and learned 10 fun and funny facts about the new…

Friday the 13th Darker Days Inspiration

Today is Friday the 13th, AHHH! A lot of people get super creeped out, but unless you’re superstitious there is really nothing to fear, except fear it self that is. Muahaha…


Reason 89724872 why I love BUZZNET

Thank you my fellow Buzznet family for sending me a 21st Birthday Card 🙂 I can’t even begin to describe how inspiring and motivating the staff is here.. Thank you for everything 🙂 BUZZNET WORLD TAKE OVER

Summer Dreamin’ // Teepee Lovin’

Summer is almost here – the perfect time to go to the beach and have overnight bonfires! Summer always makes me want to build a teepee in my backyard. I have no idea why, but I am fascinated by these things… they are so weird and different! I imagine building one in the yard by… More »

Happy Cinco De Mayo Chicka!

Party like a rock star on Cinco de Mayo!!! What are you doing for Cinco de mayo?

Mango Chili Lime?!

By far one of my favorite lunches. Mango chili lime is just awesome. Sweet, spicy, tangy, refreshing goodness all for only $4. What a deal! What do you put Chili and lime on?

Are You Going to Stagecoach Country Music Festival?

The Stagecoach Festival is located on the same field as Coachella in Indio, CA. Unlike Coachella however, Stagecoach is exclusively country music. I have to admit…

Walking Art of Venice Beach

I went to Venice Beach, CA recently and I have to say I love looking at the amazing artwork all over the city. There are so many amazing things to get inspired by, and not just art… There are so many different walks of life in Venice, from the people to the scene Venice is… More »

Rise and Shine It’s Panda Time

Love how this picture turned out. It’s me with the panda statue at the Washington D.C. Zoo, which is free and so much fun. You should defiantly check it out if you ever find yourself in D.C.

Keyboard Cat

I drew my very own version of Keyboard Cat just for you Buzznet! Hope you love it.

Me at the Paper Magazine’s ‘Beautiful People’ Issue Party

Check out all the photos from Paper Magazine’s ‘Beautiful People’ Issue Party March 30th 2011

With Armen Atoyan

Armen was my partner in crime for the night! I’m trying to look tall here, haha. Photo by

My Style Shoot for Rogue Monk Style

So I did a photo spread for LA fashion store Rogue Monk, which is an online store where you upload artwork to create made to sell…

More Photo Booth Fun

This is one of my favorite photo booth photos I have ever taken. Partially because it’s so random. I love the panda one, it is defiantly my favorite. Which one is your favorite of the bunch?

Observing Stars and Little Shiny Thing

I went to the Griffith Observatory this weekend with my friend Roxy to observe the stars, unfortunately none of them were famous… Neither of us have been there…

Flavor O’ Shant

Flavor of Shant was a party thrown by his sister Talene, and here is a summary of what the invitation was like… “Shant Malkasian DID get into college… Which means a celebration is in order for our little Lightning bolt. Saturday night we spell success s-h-a-n-t… We will start with an intimate dinner pre-game and… More »

Dreaming of a Dream in a Dream

We all dream, and we are all mesmerized by our dreams and the dreams of others. I believe thats what makes them so interesting, because we create a world…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 TURN’A JAPANESE’A!!!

Me and Nikki went to a Japanese photo-booth and spent hours taking photos and wasting money. Seriously though, it was worth it. So much fun, you should all go try it.

One with Nature // Catching a Dream

It’s almost April, which means the hippie in me is coming out in full force… I am inspired by nature and all its wonders, and think we should all bring it…