Tokio Hotel Hold An Exclusive Press Conference In Berlin

Tokio Hotel are back in German all together.

YES! Because this morning the four had an exclusive press conference in Berlin for their upcoming new album, Kings Of…

Zac Efron’s Twitter Q&A Interview!

About an hour ago, Zac Efron went on twitter and answered live questions his followers (fans) were sending! Fans had to include the hashtag #AskZacEfron in order for Zac to see it. I…

MoonChild Q&A!!!

This weeks MoonChild Q&A is from Lioy from France! Name : Lioy Herz Kimyona Age : 19 Country : France Favorite music : Pop , Rock , Alternative , Bubblegoth , Metal <3 Favorite color : Black ,white , red & blue Biggest inspiration : For me it’s music and especially the art graphics and… More »

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