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Beating Eating Disorders

Eating disorders it a large enemy. Increasingly younger people is victim of anorexia and bulimia. The age isn’t barrier. This disease can touch everyone.

Amanda Bynes Owns Up To Eating Disorder And Demands We Only Use TwitPics

Oh our poor dear sweet Amanda. Every day when we log into Twitter we can expect something new and worse from our…


Today I want to show you my new support video for everyone who needs.

Time For Documentary Movie: “I’m A Child Anorexic”

“Filmed over four months, I’m a Child Anorexic documents the highs and pitiful lows of their 12-week programme, featuring their own video diaries and conversations with each other. It is a raw and shocking insight into the kids’ beliefs about food, dieting and fat; and the terrifying power ofTV, magazines, celebrities, parents and peers in… More »


I know what you feel, when you think that whole world hates you…when you feel that no one understands you…when you say that your life doesn’t make any sense…when you don’t want to…



I. Odi et Amo

Music goes silent
Silence treats my pain
Soul is empty
I can’t find return road


“RECOVERY” this is my last poem. I recorded to it my voice and uploaded special for you on YouTube.

Miley Cyrus Responds To Anorexia Rumors

Miley Cyrus has been looking lean and mean on the red carpet and out-and-about lately. And while she can chalk it all up to spending loads of…

Ali Lohan’s Weight Rumors Are ‘Rubbish’: Do You Agree?

Since Ali Lohan’s big transformation in September, rumors have been running rampant that aspiring model Ali had plastic surgery done and that she has an eating disorder. Naturally, the Lohan family denies…

Do You Really Want To Look Like Her?

Do you really wanna look like her?

Have you ever realized how much the media pressures girls to be anorexic looking? Honestly. There’s the Barbie doll, whose body is unattainable and promotes an…

Hungry: Model Crystal Renn’s Amazing Story

I went to Borders the other day, trying to find And I Don’t Want To Live This Life by Deborah Spungen (Nancy Spungen’s mom), but it wasn’t in stock (ugh), probably because it was released…

Tuesday Buzz 2/13

Benji Madden is a sucky DJ. (socialitelife)What the HELL is Ashley Olsen doing?! (POTP)Free Food for Skinny Models. (Yahoo)Cupcakes! Keep em’ safe. (boingboing)
Paris is mad at Kim Kardashian. Sex tape wars! (nydailynews)
Mischa Barton can afford…

Dying to be Thin.

Yesterday Yahoo reported that 5 Ultra-thin Models were banned from the Catwalk in Madrid. Some of these models are threatening to sue, claiming its discrimination. In an article by The Daily Mail, Italian youth minister…

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