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Holy Opening Sequence Batman!: The 6 Minute Prologue for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Tonight, I waited in line for an hour in order to see six minutes of footage.

And it was totally worth it.

Last week, a counter on a viral site tied to The Dark Knight Rises hit…

10 Favorite Anne Hathaway Moments

She’s made a huge transformation since she burst onto the scene as Mia Thermapolis, the awkward teenager-turned-royalty in The Princess Diaries. Since then, Anne Hathaway has made her way onto the A-List of Hollywood, starring in some pretty impressive projects such as playing the iconic Catwoman as well as having the honor to host the… More »

6 Minute ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue to Hit Theaters in December

Holy reason to buy a ticket to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Batman!  It looks like AMC theaters will be showing an exclusive 6 minute preview of next year’s The Dark Knight Rises before the film!


Anne Hathaway Is the Gosh Darn Batman at the Spike TV Scream Awards

Anne Hathaway is playing the felonious feline Catwoman in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but it looks like if they ever need a fill-in Batman she could do the trick. 

At the Spike TV…

New Shots of Anne Hathaway Show Catwoman Finally Looking Feline

So, we’ve seen shots of Anne Hathaway in her action gear for next year’s The Dark Knight Rises.  But one question remained: where was the “cat” in her Catwoman costume?

Well, new shots have surfaced,…

10 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Glee’ This Season

Tonight is a BIG night for television of season and series premieres, but none greater than the third season of Glee! Gleeks around the world are getting in on all the Glee

Anne Hathaway to Guest Star on ‘Glee’?

With the new season of Glee starting up tomorrow, it’s no shocker that some stars are already eyeing an opportunity to guest star on the hit series – especially since

Brand New Pictures of Anne Hathaway on the Set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Weeks ago we saw photos of Anne Hathaway in cat burglar/anti-heroine mode for next year’s Dark Knight Rises, the third film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.  But now we’ve got some pictures of Anne…

Anne Hathaway Reveals She ‘Fell in Love Like a Fool!’ in Marie Claire UK

In this month’s issue of Marie Claire UK, Anne Hathaway is talking about everything from her love life, her fears and the importance of laughing…

Summer Magazine Covers From Around The World

Im a huge magazine junkie and find myself shelling out way too much cash for imported ones. Heres a gallery of summer magazine coves from all over the world! How amazing would it be to have a subscription to all of these?

Anne Hathaway Throws a Mean Punch At Batman Co-Star… Don’t Mess With Her!

Think Anne Hathaway is just a sweet, funny gal? Think again! The girl can sure pack a mean punch, as a stuntman found out the hard way. Guess she is…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans have something to look forward to soon! Warner Bros just announced that JGL and his Inception costar Marion Cotillard have joined the…

2011 Oscar GIFS Post

I’d like to thank the 83rd Annual Academy Awards for giving me these gifs.

Did you find/make any good ones? POST EM UP

Oscar Hosts Get ‘Inceptioned,’ A Winner Drops The F-Bomb, Movies Get Auto-Tuned and More: 2011 Oscar Show Highlights

The 2011 Oscar awards are over and done. (Boo!) This year’s telecast brought about a new era with younger hosts (A-Listers Anne Hathaway and James Franco) and chock-full of pop culture references (hello…

Anne Hathaway Tells Argentina Not To Cry And Shakes Her Rump

When Anne Hathaway starts to pop and lock, it’s a sure-tell sign that the countdown to the Oscars is officially ON! 

In a promo for Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, an outtake from the…

National ‘Stop The Bullying Day’

Did you know today is National Stop The Bullying Day? Bullying, both online and in person, has had some major repercussions and since Columbine, has become a central topic of…

Dark Knight Rises Cast Announcements are FULL OF GEEKY WIN

Rumors have been flying all over regarding the third Batman movie by Christopher Nolan.  We already knew that the title would be The Dark Knight Rises and that we wouldn’t be seeing a recasting of…

Enchanting Wonderland: A Review of ‘Alice in Wonderland’

I just got back from the midnight screening of Alice in Wonderland in Real-D
(and I do highly suggest Real-D rather than the non-3D version!)


Anne Hathaway’s Boyfriend Arrested

The star of The Devil Wears Prada recently found herself in an awkward situation when it was reported that her boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri bounced a check for $250,000 and was nabbed by police for a misdemeanor count. Sounds like he’s the anti Ed McMahon. Can you imagine how disheartening it… from

Anne Hathaway Leaves Her Coffin To Collect An Award

I know the fake tan is gross, and so is a leatherface, and looking pale is actually healthy but Anne Hathaway needs to get outside. Just go sit in the sun and have a coffee. I can see veins. Anne and her demonic sisters kept me prisoner while Dracula sailed… from