anna of the north

Fall 2017 Album Preview

As fall approaches, it’s time to get excited about the season’s hottest music releases! While 2017 is already chock full of killer albums we’ll be playing on repeat, this fall seems to have no shortage of goodies to rock out to! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Our Top 20 Favorite Songs Of 2016…So Far

Can you believe we are halfway through 2016 already? While the years keep on flying by, we’re certainly lucky enough to be graced with some killer songs along the way! While we’re sure you guys can’t wait for some new releases (as are we!), we decided to round up our top 20 favorite songs of… More »

Artist To Buzz About: Anna Of The North

For fans of: CHVRCHES, AURORA, LANY Anna Of The North came to me in the most serendipitous way while I was in an H&M a few weeks ago. Her majestic yet bittersweet “The Dreamer” enveloped me in a state of sadness and oddly enough, hope, as I was stopped in my tracks in the fitting… More »

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