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GUESS WHO? – Guess Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Guess turns 30 this year and, to celebrate, the label is launching a 15-piece capsule collection, based on some previous bestsellers. But as you can see here, the Guess Girls themselves have become as iconic as the clothes. Here’s to the next three decades! The limited-edition capsule collection is avaiable in selected Guess store now…. More »

Wednesday Buzz 5/16

Anna Nicole Smith is haunting Willa Ford? (seriouslyomg)

Sanjaya hangs with the drag queens. (POTP)

Jessica Alba is so cute. (tralala)

Kfed is just too boring for reality tv! Ha. (The Bosh)


attending the “Anna Nicole Smith Tribute Event”

Anna Nicole Smith Round-Up: The $500,000 Diaries

TGIFriday Buzz 3/2

KFed doesn’t want Brit back? Sigh. Who will love her? (The Dirty Disher)Heroes is “comic book goodness for people who don’t like comics.” Yep. ( h8s on Victoria Beckham. (GabSmash)It’s Anna Nicole Friday over at…

Anna Nicole Smith FuneralCamWatch: Seeing Her Off In Style

If you awoke today to find an eerie hush having fallen across the land, and the morning drive unsettlingly devoid of other commuters, fret not–the apocalypse is not yet upon us. One of its more… from

Thursday Buzz 3/1

JT pissed off Elisha Cuthbert. (starpulse)America’s Next Top (ghetto) Models. (POTP)Orlando Bloom + Penelope Cruz? He really doesn’t have a “type” does he? (IDLYITW)Excuse me for not getting it, but why does it matter if…

Wednesday Buzz 2/28

How is it possible that I’m thinking positive about Kfed? (Fadedyouth)
The Onion A.V. Club interviews Greg Grunberg aka Matt Parkman on Heroes.P Diddy, punching at parties. Classy. (Yeeeah)Pneumonia killed Anna Nicole? (SOW)Paris Hilton got pulled…

Reason # 36,711 to Hate Howard K. Stern

Howard K. Stern is in secret negotiations with Larry Birkhead to surrender custody of Dannielynn…..if the price is right! from

Monday Buzz 2/12

NORBIT made $33 MILLION this weekend?! You people dissapoint me. (ONTD)Xtina in Maxim. (hollywoodtuna)Britney’s Ex spills the beans. (POTP)ps. She’s still a trainwreck, in case you were wondering– visible panties and all. I guess we…

Anna Nicole’s Babydaddy: His Christmas Message

In response to the latest court ruling in his case, the father in question just posted this on his officical website. from

Her Time Is Up

A Los Angeles court ordered on Thursday Anna Nicole Smith to bring her newborn daughter, Dannielynn, to California for paternity testing. The purported babydaddy, photojournalist and media whore Larry Birkhead, issued the following statement about the… from

Anna Whores It Out Some More

Anna Nicole Smith must be having trouble paying her bills. The “grieving mother” sat down for a new $interview with Entertainment Tonight, airing this evening, about the “fame hungry” people trying to evict her from the… from

Anna Nicole Smith’s C-Section: The Miracle Of Instantly Exploitable Life

On last night’s installment of ET, the show finally broadcast the magically exploitative centerpiece of their deal to help Anna Nicole Smith extract every last dollar and publicity opportunity from the recent, tabloid-ready birth-death cycle…

Anna Nicole’s Son — Extreme Rx

Filed under: Let’s Get This Party Started, Anna Nicole Daniel Smith had a stunning combination of seven drugs, including multiple anti-depressants and cold medicines, in his system when he died on Sept. 10 in… from

His Hair Was Perfect

We’re going to beat everyone to the punch on this one, and just call this over now, before any statements are actually issued. It’ll be for real any day now, anyway. It’s sad only because… from

Daniel Smith Died From a Deadly Drug Combo

Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel died after consuming a lethal combination of methadone. The cause of death was revealed by pathologist Cyril Wecht after he received the toxicology results from National Medical Services in Willow Grove,… from

We All Saw This Coming!

Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime shady lawyer, Howard K. Stern, went on Larry King this evening and revealed he is the true father of her baby. They have named their daughter Dannie Lynn Hope.”Right now we… from

Daniel Wayne Smith dies at age 20

Daniel Wayne Smith, Anna Nicole Smith’s son, died on September 10th, 2006 in the Bahamas.

Daniel Wayne Smith dies at age 20

Daniel Wayne Smith, Anna Nicole Smith’s son, died on September 10th, 2006 in the Bahamas.

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