25 Celebrities Who Look Like Iconic Cartoon Characters

Happy Halloween! This past weekend was full of parties, costumes, and candy! Now, with the holiday officially here and photos of celeb costumes rolling in, it only makes sense to showcase those famous faces that could easily transition from real life to the animated world! Click int0 the gallery above for some pretty hilarious and unexpected… More »

DRAW MY LIFE- Hailey Bright

I saw so many YouTubers like NigaHiga, Anthony, Bubzbeauty, & Jenna Marbles doing DRAW MY LIFE videos over the past couple of weeks that it inspired me to share my life with you. I hope you enjoy my AWESOME drawings and my crazy, fun life. Doing this video ended up being very beneficial to me-… More »

The Funniest Tokio Hotel GIFs [Part Two]

Here I am with another funny blog about all the best Tokio Hotel gifs, at least the funniest one.

As I said in the first blog, I have tons of gifs about everything, but I…

Gotye’s New ‘Easy Way Out’ Video

Gotye has a released new music video for the single, “Easy Way Out”. The video, produced by Oh Yeah Wow, creatively depicts the monotony of having a 9-5 job and getting stuck in the same…

Brand New Trailer for Pixar’s ‘Brave’

Though it won’t be out until June of next year, check out this brand new trailer for Brave, the next movie from Pixar and the first to feature a solo female protagonist. And it looks like they’ve chosen well: the lead is a feisty princess named Merida who’s good with a bow and wants more… More »

Pixar Animator Writes Inspirational Letter to Artists Everywhere

If you are anything like me then finding words of hope and encouragement in any medium is very welcome. When it’s your passion to be creative it can be a struggle to come…

Pixar Gives Us Their First Headlining Heroine in the Trailer for ‘Brave’

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pixar movies.  But the movies have very much always focused on male characters in the lead.  Even in ensemble pieces like Toy Story and The Incredibles, the story has…

Animated Romance

Okay, so maybe you don’t believe true love happens in real life, but anything is possible with the magic of ANIMATION. Here are some couples that make it in the world of make believe.

5 MTV Shows of Yore That We Want Back Like Crack

So, already there’s been a lot of hype and buzz in response to the US version of Skins that premiered on MTV last night.  Some has been positive…the rest?  Well, not so much.


Tim Burton’s “9” Starring Jennifer Connely and Elijah Wood

Cat Man Do

Animation by Simon Tofield. Kitties are AWESOME 😀

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