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Incredible Animal Ads

Today I’ll begin new photo series. I love so much animals and in September I’ll begin veterinary in post secondary school, so I want to show you an awesome animal arts…

Work Like A Dog Day: These Dogs Are Working Harder Than You

Happy Work Like A Dog Day! Yes, this holiday apparently exists. Today is the day to work harder than you ever hard aka work like a dog. I love dogs more than life so what…

22 Cute Animals Hangin’ Out Celebrating Hammock Day

July 22 has been deemed Hammock Day! Today is the day to sit back, relax and hang out on a hammock all day long. Excuse me while I day dream of being on a beach, suspended between two palm trees, reading my book and sipping a pina colada. Anyway, the only thing I can think… More »

23 Animals Who Are So Ready For The 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July all! This holiday gets me so excited I can hardly control myself. Ever since I was young 4th of July has been a huge extravaganza. My entire crazy family goes up to my lake house and we celebrate America. That’s what it’s all about, right?! I always wear my red white… More »

25 Precious Animals Who Love Their Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms out there! In honor of today’s special day I found some cute photos of baby animals hanging out with their mamas. I think they’re pretty much AWWW-dorable!

Welcome Lisa Ruocco To The Buzznet Family


I’m excited to announce that Buzznet has asked me to be one of their Buzzmakers! I’m honored to join this awesome community of people and…

All Time Low Premieres Music Video For ‘Backseat Serenade’

Happy Thursday Music Lovers, 

I have some good news for you! Just a few minutes ago our pals in All time Low released their music video for “Backseat Serenade“! I of course…

Incredible Squirrels

Whoop!!!Whoop!! Do you love cute squirrels?? I hope that YES!!! 
I can tell you a little secret 🙂 I met a few times crazy squirrel. She or he was bad and…

7 Onesies You Absolutely Need

I came across these Kigu onesies on the ASOS websites and almost cried of happiness. These are the cutest things I have ever seen! I might just need to make this purchase, and…

10 Animals Who Are Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have never been one to really go out and celebrate this holiday but I will never refuse a reason to indulge in endless chips and salsa…

Buzznet Breakdown April 28

It’s Sunday so you know what that means! It is time for the Buzznet Breakdown. In case you are just joining us this is where we feature our top ten posts of the week! It’s our…


I wanted to post something a bit different, I had a hamster in mind but ended up watching lot’s of mini pig videos instead. This video was just so cute with the pig and dog interaction. If you watch the whole thing I think you will find it funny. Mindy is a girl and she… More »

Animal Best Friends

If these aren’t some of the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is! I will admit that i’m animal obsessed so I was overly excited to randomly type ‘animal best friends’ into Google and find these ridiculously adorable photos, but no matter who you are I think you’ll agree that these… More »

Animals Giving Us High Fives For Our Favorite Places

Greetings Buzznet! Maybe last week’s assignment was a little difficult, as there were not that many entries in this Photo Assignment Party. That’s okay though. The next one is going to be awesome and you’re…

18 Animals Having A Better Spring Break Than You


It’s SPRANG BRAK! Rather than look at BFFs holding each other’s hair back as they rid themselves of all the mai tai’s they had at Papa’s & Beer, we’re going to look at…

Non-Profit Animal Advocacy Org: NY CLASS

I want to share with you guys an organization that my whole family and I are supporters of. I know it’s very nostalgic to think of romantic carraige rides through Central Park in…

Buzznet Breakdown 3/17

It’s that time of the week again! Here are our top 10 posts of the week in our Buzznet Breakdown

25 Precious Animals Napping The Day Away

Don’t feel bad today if you feel the need to take an impromptu nap because it’s National Napping Day! Who knew?! Take a look at these precious animals who have the right idea and remember to give yourself a little break today and relax!

February Photo Challenge: Something You Love

Hello guys and Happy Sunday everyone.

Also this time I write this blog just at the last day, but you know I’m pretty busy at the moment and only in the late…

Cats And Dogs: Friends Not Foes

Cats and dogs have gotten a bad rep of being each others arch enemies. I say we all just get along and put that behind us. Some people are cat people and some are dog people but that doesn’t mean we can’t all love eachother! They are both equally cute and cuddly. I have decided… More »