10 Animals That Are Just As Annoyed With The State Of The World As We Are

We’re suckers for animals here at Buzznet and we’re sure you are too. These 10 cutie pies really understand the struggle of the state of the world right now. It just proves that no matter how cute you are, there’s always room for a little uprising.

Question Of The Day: When Was The Last Time You Were Angry?

Currently, the sky is birthing rain babies so that means that all of Los Angeles has lost its collective mind.

While I was waiting for my morning coffee and bagel-y…

Question of the Day: Guess Who’s Mad?

LoL JK everyone! Let’s get the obvious things out of the way – like how it’s Tuesday and how it’s also 9/11 and how Twitter is full of things like “Bless ‘Merikuh” and “<a…

Who Does Adele Want To Spit On?

While it’s been nothing but glory for Adele as of late, with her wonderful relationship with her current BF Simon Konecki and an awards sweep at the…

Question of the Day: What Songs Do You Listen To When You’re Angry?

Today’s Q comes from the brain of KobraKidd: Angry Music. Why I haven’t thought of this yet escapes me. 

Photo by: MaryAMacabre

It’s very hard for me…

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