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Celebs Who Love Star Wars As Much As You Do

In 2017, loving Star Wars is the farthest thing from a nerd alert. In fact, this move franchise has avid fans all over the damn place. If you’re feeling a little bit of secret shame because of your R2D2 bed sheets, CP30 posters, and the fact that you’ve seen Rogue One half a dozen times,… More »

Checking Into ‘Hotel Transylvania’ (VIDEO)

Vampires and werewolves are all the rage these days, and Hotel Transylvania has all the supernatural creatures we love under one roof. Adam Sandler plays Dracula in this animated film about a monster-friendly resort.…

Grammy Trail Off #7: The Lonely Island’s ‘Turtleneck & Chain’

The Grammys aren’t all srs bzns, you know–there is a place for LOLZ. And one of the nominees for Best Comedy Album this year is Turtleneck & Chain by the side-splitting trio known as The…

Happy Birthday Andy Samberg: Birthday GIF Party!

Andy Samberg first came to our attention in 2005 with a little video called “Lazy Sunday.” He singlehandedly brought SNL into the 21st century…

The Lonely Island’s ‘Jack Sparrow’ ft. Michael Bolton

Check out this sweet music video for the 4th track on The Lonely Island’s sophomore album Turtleneck & Chain, available this Tuesday May 10th from Universal Records. Are there gifs made from this video yet? If not, someone GET ON IT.

Touching Helen Mirren Takes You To A ‘Heavenly’ Place On ‘SNL’

Oscar winner Helen Mirren was the host of last night’s Saturday Night Live, with the Foo Fighters as the musical guest. But clearly, Helen was…

Bree’s Book Corner: Favorite Children’s Books

Since there’s so much hype about the coming of Where The Wild Things Are to the big screen, I thought this week we could talk about our favorite Childrens books. You down?

Since our boy Pete

“The Mirror” an SNL digital short

Starring Ellen Page & Andy Samberg. Haha!

Wednesday Buzz 8/1

This Britney rumor can’t be true… can it? (IBBB)

Mary Kate Olsen + Owen Wilson? Oh no no no. (POTP)

Nicole Richie confirms shes 4 months pregnant. (Evil…

Tuesday Buzz 7/10

Andy Samberg doesn’t like living alone. (Pop Bytes)

Is Madonna SERIOUS? (Yeeeah)

James Blunt sold his sister on ebay? (intogossip)

Stalking Fergie. Hey maybe that guy actually knows what the song means?…

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