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Ashlee Holmes: Re Cap/Update

Hey dolls! I am officially the worst blogger on the planet when it comes to consistency. What can I say? I’ve been all over the place lately and sitting down on the computer hasn’y really been an option. What else is new? EH? I always seem to go MIA for a month or so and… More »

EW WHY? Justin Bieber’s Wispy Mustache And Nic Cage On The “Wrecking Ball”

Per usual there are many things this week that have caused me to make the classic I Love Lucian sound of “illlllllllllll”. Things that shake me to my core until I…

The Unbelievable Fashion Face-Off: Miley vs. Ramona Singer

Miley Cyrus has made it clear she loves a great vintage moment. But, this latest “Who Wore It Best?” is almost too good to be true.

Ramona Singer, an OG member of…

Pete Wentz COMPLIMENTS Ashlee Simpson’s Parenting Skills

Despite any drama that might have occured between the former reinging King and Queen of eyeliner, Pete Wentz

I Can Haz TV Show? LOL Cat Creators Reality Show Coming To Bravo!

Reason six million five hundred and seventy seven to love Andy Cohen has arrived. If you’re like me and consider Bravo your second home and LOL Cats your greatest joy…then I advise that you sit down. The network who feeds us our nightly doses of housewives is now bringing us a new show tentatively titled… More »

talking about my blonde hair and big lips….

I was on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ a few months ago. While I was there Andy Cohen wanted to discuss my new look. For those of you who missed it… here it is! ENJOY! ps- They wanted me on the After Show last minute.. and I was in Brooklyn at the time at a friend’s… More »

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