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Is Robert Pattinson Perfect for ‘Idiot’ Role?

Thank goodness that VH1’s Pop Up Video has made its comeback! Without the uber-fun (and often educational) music video trivia program, we probably wouldn’t have guessed that Green Day frontman…

The Evolution of Davey Havok

You guys, AFI is my favorite band of all time. My obsession is best explained as a teenage phase that never ended…for the past six years. After countless hours on the official AFI messageboard, $30 in fan club dues (excuse me, Despair Faction), nine live shows in six cities, supporting band members’ obscure side projects… More »

Davey Havok of AFI Joins ‘American Idiot’

AFI frontman Davey Havok will be joining the cast of the Green Day musical ‘American Idiot’.

Photo by Robert Fayette for Buzznet

According to Yahoo news, Havok will be joining for…

ST. JIMMY………..

Today was a pretty hard day for me since my dad passed away 6 years ago. I left up my Antique Ornament tree for him because the ornaments on it are from his childhood. My fathers name was James but most people called him Jimmy. On the day we visited the cemetery to put wreaths… More »

“American Idiot” Broadway Cast Recording Streaming NOW

If you haven’t heard yet, Green Day’s 2004 concept album about a post 9/11 America has inspired a stage musical, which is set to premier on Broadway.  Like, NOW. Well, okay, technically it opens on…

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