The Current Hotness In My Life

There’s so many things I am LOVING right now! From crystals and candles to new music I can’t get enough of, I wanted to share all of it with you! Check out the current hotness in my life right now and share what you’re loving right now in the comments below! What are some of… More »

To DIY For: Make a Tangerine Peel Candle Holder!

Satsuma tangerines are not only a staple holiday fruit, but absolutely adorable in size! In just a few easy steps, I’m going to show you how to make the most of this fun little fruit by turning the peel into a super cute candle holder! Check out the tutorial and the gallery for more details… More »

To DIY For: Make A No Sew Studded Clutch!

During the holidays, the one thing every girl needs is a fabulous clutch that goes with everything! Not everyone can afford the extra accessory, but in just a few easy steps you can make a NO SEW studded clutch out of a placemat…no kidding! Check out the tutorial and gallery for more details on how… More »

To DIY For: Make Your Own Lace Scarf!

Lace is sooo cool, but totally impractical to wear alone during the cold weather months. Thankfully, scarves exist and can add a pop of fun to any layered outfit! Check out my tutorial video and gallery to learn how to turn a few yards of lace into a fun and feminine accent scarf you can… More »

To DIY For: Make Your Own Cut Out Skeleton Tee!

At home fashion DIY is to die for! There’s no reason you need to throw out your old t-shirts when all you need to give them a fresh, fun look, is a washable marker and a pair of scissors! Check out my tutorial on how to make a cool skeleton tee to take you into… More »

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