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Buzz Bites: You’ll Never Guess Who’s Defending Taylor Swift’s New Romance

Happy Summer! You guys…it’s felt like it for weeks, but today is the OFFICIAL first day of summer! YAAAAAY! Let’s celebrate by seeing what the hottest gossip is on the world wide web! Kylie Jenner is moving! The reality star and business woman is selling her Calabasas starter home and moving on up into a… More »

Let Me See Your Grill: Girls Who’ve Gone Gold

Grillz… Not really something that one thinks of when contemplating fashion. The metallic mouth pieces were popular among rappers back in the mid 2000’s, and some ladies got in on the trend, mostly for novelty and laughs. However, we’re seeing a huge revival of the grill from the leading ladies of badass fashion and pop… More »

Will The Real Amber Rose Please Stand Up? Tyrese Wants To Know!

Former soap star and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress Amber Tamblyn found herself in the middle of a classic case of mistaken identity – with…

Feeling blue?

I noticed Blue lipstick on the runway and in various fashion editorials last season.

I have also seen that it has inspired several celebs to rock the trend 

are some high…

Kanye West’s 34 Best Looks for His 34th Birthday

In honor of Kanye West‘s June 8, 1977 birthday we have compiled some of his most hip-hop-prep-futuristic-swag signature Kanye fashion looks. Whether he’s sitting front row at fashion week, on the red carpet or just walking around, Mr.West is always looking camera ready. Check out why he calls himself the Louis Vuitton Don below:

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