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#FBF Celeb Couples From The ’90s We Forgot About

The ’90s is everything right now. You know it’s true. Walk into any clothing store and it’s like a time machine to the era of Levi’s mom jeans, chokers, crop tops, and oversized flannels. If you don’t own a pair of overalls, you’re so not on trend. While we’re on the whole ’90s train, let’s take… More »

Mimi K’s All Star Month Blog – MY Favorite Tv Show

Buzznet always has the best ideas for contests, assignments and stuff, this is why I love this place so much.

I think this is such an amazing project…

Spring According To….

So, this little gallery was born from my mind a few of hours ago, while I started to drawing a new portrait, this time about Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation’s singer (also included in this gallery). Since it’s Spring right now, I thought to put all my fav female inspirations together in a gallery with… More »

Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER TWO

I know it’s passed a lot of time after the first chapter, I would to apologize with everyone, but as you know, uni rends me really busy and I have a lot of free time…

Alyssa Milano is pregnant!

I’m really happy to have read this news about one of my fav actresses ever, Alyssa Milano. I know how much she desired have a baby, and everytime she wanted a baby, she…

Book of the month: Safe at home

I’ve always loved CHARMED tv show, my fav ever! I can’t stop to watch it even though it’s already finished for almost 5 years, and I have a particular obsession…

Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER ONE

A lot of years ago I wrote a fan fiction, a spin off about CHARMED, my fav tv show ever, now I want to can share with all of you, in the hope you like…

Starlets Do Baseball Players

WENN The newest trend in Hollywood is to bang baseball players. Who didn’t know that was a hot scene? Alyssa Milano and my girl Eliza Dushku are both dating guys from the L.A. Dodgers. Crappy team to pick, but hey – baseball players are hot. Apparently Alyssa is on some kind… from

Alyssa Milano with Desmond Tutu

Alyssa Milano with Desmond Tutu in Africa. What an odd pairing….Does anyone remember that funny show Not Necessarily the News? They made fun of politcal figures and other random skits that included Tutu. from

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