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Style Profile: True Ladies

Just look at these women! These stylish grannies are incredible. I am a big fan of famininity. And they are real ladies! Inspiration 🙂

Thought #6: Ian Dury Quote

Listen to many,speak to a few.

Thought #5: Lady GaGa Quote

So true.

New Fashion Star: Álvaro Muñoz

First I saw this guy here. Impressive! But on the internet I found NOTHING about him. So think, he deserves more publicity. 


<img src=""…

Total Inspiration: Aura Dione

I love this girl! Aura has sooo wonderful voice and appearance. Also she has an amusing manner of dressing) What do you think? TOO EXTREME or COOL?

Total Inspiration: Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie is so amazing! I’m a big fan of her. The first time I saw her in the Guns’n’Roses video “Novemner Rain”. Super talented. She’s the best combination of beauty and professionalism. Favorite model forever. Your impressions?

Thought #4: Christofer Drew Quote

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