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Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter Featurette

Good to know that if Johnny Depp was ever in a sword fight, he’d know his shit.

Metro Station Premiers “Where’s My Angel” from Almost Alice

So, we’ve already heard Avril Lavigne’s “Alice (Underground)”, the credits song from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland, as well as 3Oh!3 and Neon Hitch’s “Follow Me Down.”  And last week we got

Avril’s “Alice” Song: Epic, or Wailing Fail?

The first song we got to hear from the Almost Alice soundtrack–music inspired by the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, to be released the same day as the film–was the 3OH!3’s “Follow Me Down.” …

3Oh!3 and Neon Hitch Unleash Their Contribution to “Almost Alice”

A lot of people, including myself, were extremely skeptical when the tracklisting for “Almost Alice” hit the internet.  The list of scene-familiar names seemed to a lot of people very out of place in

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i’m trying to get in the habit of blogging on here. it’s just that i never have anything to say.

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Stella McCartney to make ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Collection for Disney


Stella McCartney is teaming up with Disney to make an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Jewelry Line based on the upcoming Film.


Stella’s pieces will only…

What’s New With Wonderland: Links

Since news of the Tim Burton-directed film keeps tumbling in, I thought I’d just give you everything you need to stay updated. Clink on, oh curious ones.

Family Force Five will contribute a song called “<a…

New Alice in Wonderland Image

I’m gonna post some Alice-related links later, as well! What do you think of her dress?

Mad Hatter Poster

From the Alice in Wonderland movie, out 3/5/10 Do you think anyone would rock this costume come Halloween, or is it too freakish?

Eat Me, Drink Me, Buy Me: Alice in Wonderland Merch Round Up

Lewis Carrol is about to get a whole lot trendier, thanks to Disney and Johnny Depp. In preparation for the March release, i dug up a few Alice items that’ll let you pay homage without…

Alice in Wonderland: Official Trailer #2!

Look, I don’t like to use the word EPIC often, lest it lose it’s force, but I just watched this trailer, and it was the only thing that came to mind. [cut=Let’s see it…]


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