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Hollywood Is Talking About… 3/13

From the Hunger Games premiere to getting a first look at Kristen Stewart as a vampire, Hollywood is all about movies, movies, movies these days!

Here’s what else Hollywood is talking about: 


30 Hottest Onscreen Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys (and cowgirls!) can be pretty darn hot – as are aliens. Put them in a movie and you’re golden! But the question is, which ones are hotter? That’s for YOU to decide. In honor of the new movie Cowboys and Aliens (which features BOTH cowboys AND aliens) hitting theaters tomorrow July 29th, here are… More »

Today in DREAMS CRUSHED: Alex Pettyfer

Months ago, when I was younger and less educated, I put actor Alex Pettyfer in my “hot guys” gallery. I would pretty much make out with anyone I put in that gallery, and the same…

‘Glee’ Stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele: Besties Or More?

Glee beauties Dianna Agron and Lea Michele (along with Glee costar Amber Riley) grace the cover of the May issue of Marie Claire. And judging from the photos and…

‘I Am Number Four’ Stars Break Up Over Old Photo Shoot

I Am Number Four may have just started in theaters this weekend, but co-stars (and real life couple) Dianna Agron and Alex Prettyfer… uh, I mean Pettyfer have decided to call…

Buzz Guide: Alex Pettyfer, An Awesome Book and Operator Please

How does one navigate the vast sea known as the WWW? Sometimes we just get LOST–in Maru videos on YouTube, in Words With Friends, in lurking ONTD for macros. Let us provide you some guidance.

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