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Panic at the Disco: ‘Northern Downpour’ Video Premiere by the End of the Week

Ever since Panic at the Disco told Buzznet‘s own Breesays they had a video for “Northern Downpour” in the works, fans have been waiting (im)patiently for news. And while we did just

What a Catch, Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy makes good on their word.  You can’t deny that.

After today’s fiasco involving the announcement of Folie a Deux being pushed back, followed quickly by the announcement

Alex DeLeon Talks to

As an up-and-coming band, the boys from The Cab seem to be handling their growing fame with a certain amount of poise.  And it appears they’ve learned from their boss, <span…

Your New Fav Band: The Cab

Last night I attended the not-so-secret Fall Out Boy show at Chain Reaction. They were playing under the name Switchblades & Infidelity. I got there a little after doors opened and…

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