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25 Amazing Album Art Tattoos

Tattoos are a lovely form of expression and when you add your favorite music artists to the mix, you’re definitely winning. While I don’t have any ink of my own and probably never will due to me being the biggest chicken sh!t, I can’t deny the awe I’m in whenever I come across a fantastic… More »

Katy Perry Reveals ‘Dark Horse’ Art

Katy Perry just released the album artwork for her single, “Dark Horse.” The art is an illustrated depiction of the singer in, possibly Victorian-era garb. It’s fitting for the song that references “playing…

Britney Spears Writes Personal Letter, Reveals Album Cover

Britney Spears is releasing a new album and it may be her most exciting move since Oops! I Did It Again. Britney, 31, is calling Britney Jean, her most personal album yet in a letter…

Not So Awesome Album Art Of 2012: A Retrospective

Everyone’s a critic these days. Thank goodness for the internet, lest all the gems in my brain that I think of remain unshared and wasted. As I sit here upon my Throne of Judge-ery for this most time honored tradition, I am reminded of art I cannot make, songs I cannot create. I am not… More »

Brandon Flowers’ Album Art

He went solo and stuff. This is the cover of his upcoming effort Flamingo. I can’t tell if he’s wearing eyeliner–(remember the Mr. Brightside video?)–but I think I’d still hit it. We can talk about the actual music later–for now… *pets screen*

FOB’s Infinity On High cover art

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