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AD WIZARDS: Dodge Nitro Commercial Appeals To The Sadistic Puppy-Killer In All Of Us

Hey brodudes! Do you need a sports utility vehicle that’s more than just “tough”, but is as much of a total BADASS as you are!?! An SUV that doesn’t take sh*t from anyone, just like you!?! A big tank of twisted steel and sex appeal that’s so CHARGED WITH ADRENALINE…

AD WIZARDS: With The Help of Flavored Sugar Water, A Refreshed 50 Cent Might Conduct An Orchestra

So I’m a little thirsty right now. Could use some water to help relieve this parched state I’m in. Maybe a water that has been enhanced with the benefits of manually-added vitamins and nutrients, and subsequently endorsed by 50 Cent, a popular gangsta rap star I’ve read about in the…

AD WIZARDS: Beware of Icing on the Road

A few weeks ago, the Food Network show Ace of Cakes caught our attention in a huge way. Part reality show about a novelty cake shop, part inspiration for our marzipan trampoline dream of a few nights ago, Ace of Cakes features pastry artists molding and shaping dough and fondant…

AD WIZARDS: Sprite Zero Is So Awesome And Extreme, Windsurfing May Never Be The Same

Some extreme soft drinks promise to give you extra energy for mountain bike parachuting down the Grand Canyon or whatever, but the new Sprite Zero has a little something extra, a little more “oomph” to give a different kind of lift all together.

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