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dentist vist (part 1)

I had to get 6 shots of novocaine at the dentist yesterday. I went to get a few cavities filled –BLEH!

Music Notes 1/4

Ahoy! These are the bits of music news that washed ashore today, you scallywags.

The Black Keys blame Nickelback for the death of rock n roll

Check out a new song from Sharks

<img src=""…

My Fave Songs of 2011

I managed to whittle it down to a list of 35!

Are any of these songs on YOUR best of 2011 list?

DJ Earworm Includes Britney In Mashup

Britney’s featured in DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2011 Mashup, and it’s badass! Even if it features a few artists Brit fans are rivaling with (because, well… we’re in between eras and like to keep things interesting!). Says Earworm: “I’ve made some changes in the song selection process this year. In efforts to better… More »

A Playlist for Seasonal Depression

So Daylights Saving time ends this weekend. ~Great~

Now it’s going to be dark at like 5pm and I’ll just want to hiberate. So I made you a playlist specifically for moping and being sad.

1. Trentmoller…

Adele Gets the Full Body Treatment on Cosmopolitan’s December Cover

Adele is always a knockout every time we see her in a magazine. Although I didn’t notice until recently that the focus of her covers is usually cat…

Adele Covers War: Katy Perry V Panic! At The Disco

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With Adele being the biggest artist right now and all that, she’s certainly influencing many other musicians (although The Guardian have been less than favorable about…

Adele Covers War: Katy Perry V Panic! At The Disco

With Adele being the biggest artist right now and all that, she’s certainly influencing many other musicians (although The Guardian have been less than favorable about the wave of “New Boring” she has…

Photo of the day: Adele

pretty much sums it up. Thanks Adele.

Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ Video Preview and 5 Other Videos That Will Make You Cry

The video for Adele‘s gutwrenching ballad ‘Someone Like You’ comes out tonight (at 7:56pm on MTV,) and if that ballad doesn’t bring a tear to your…

New Radio Interview With In Demand

In Demand played Britney songs for an hour on Monday, including “Baby One More Time,” “My Prerogative” and “He About To Lose Me.” During the hour, they interviewed Britney. She reveals she loves Adele and Jessie J has a craving to watch Jersey Shore once in awhile and loves to eat spaghetti. Check it out!

MTV EMA 2011 Nominations Thoughts + Support Britney Spears!

MTV EMA 2011 Nominations are opened!

Ok, I’m really really angry about those nominations, always the same artists with a lot of nominees and Britney, 100…

10 Things in Life That Are More Disappointing Than Last Night’s VMAs

If you’re like me, then you really thought they were going to pull out all of the stops at last night’s VMAs. Not only was Lady Gaga dressed as a man, overacting all night, but the much anticipated Britney Spears tribute involved no celebrities and was about 15 seconds long. My feelings towards the show… More »

Adele, Chris Brown And Lil Wayne Confirmed For VMAs But Where’s Xtina?

As you’ll all know, here at Buzznet we’ve been buzzing over the news that Christina Aguilera would perform an Amy Winehouse tribute at the VMAs but it now seems it was just a rumour after…

Who Should No Doubt Collaborate With Next?

No Doubt is gearing up to release their long-awaited sixth album, and this morning they made headlines after tweeting a picture of themselves in the studio with production powerhouses Major Lazer, who also produced Beyonce‘s “Run The World (Girls).” It got me thinking…who else should the band collaborate with? These are my dream pairings of… More »

Hilarious Tumblr of the Week: Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes

Are you a fan of Steve Buscemi, celebrities AND crazy outlandish Tumblrs?? Then I’ve got the thing just for you! We asked for fun and laughter and the Internet delivered with Chicks…

Adele Looks Gawgeous on the Cover of Glamour UK

British songstress Adele is looking particularly beautiful in floral in this month’s edition of Glamour Magazine UK. She keeps getting better, her hair is more lioness-ey…

20 Sizzling Summer Crushes: HOT GIRLS

What’s a Hot Guys gallery without an equivalent Hot Girls list as well? After all, girls are just as attractive as guys are, and no one gets left out – especially the fierce ladies of this list! Here’s a gallery of our 20 sizzling summer crushes, the Hot Girls edition. Which of these 20 smokin’… More »

Adele’s Ex Wants Money For Breaking Her Heart

As if breaking her heart wasn’t enough, Adele‘s ex-boyfriend now wants to get paid for doing so! Clearly he is a winner.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer tells UK paper…

Britney promoting Femme Fatale and says “I’m starstruck by Brad Pitt”

New interview! New interview! New interview! New interview! New interview!

Check out this New interview! of Britney talking about Femme Fatale, why she named it that, what powerful females have influenced her through…