Taking Back Sunday’s TAYF10: ‘If We Go Down We Go Down Together’

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I first heard the line, “so sick, so sick of being tired, and oh so tired of being sick”. Seems like yesterday I was 15-years-old and I went to…

MUSIC NOTES: Fall Out Boy Reunion Rumors & More (VIDEO)

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules

Enjoy these three little nuggets of music news to keep you in the loop including; the deal with all these Fall Out Boy rumors, the big reunion that happened at the Taking…

Music Notes 7/26

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules. 

The Black Lips release new video. 

Pure Volume‘s doodle showdown. lolz 

Adam Lazzara going solo? 

New <a…

My Warped Tour Memories: 02′ & Beyond

Been going to Warped Tour for 10 years now. I have not been every year, but as many times as I possible. Here are some of my best memories from attending Warped Tour…

Rock Star Dads That Rule

Happy Father’s Day to ALL the dads out there, but here is a look at some rock start dads that rule! These guys never humiliate their kids because they are rock legends! Okay, I am sure they still manage to embarrass their kids like all parents, but they are pretty cool in my book! Comment… More »

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