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Can Julia Roberts Still Work Big Box Office Magic?

Newsweek is asking this question, with the queen of romantic-comedy Julia Roberts poised to open what is essentially her first film in five years alongside Duplicity co-star Clive Owen.Well-known for her smash success in the arena of romantic comedies, the sad truth is that these days, that genre of… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Who Had An Unfortunate Upskirt?

Click the photo above to find out who she is…. …read full story from feedproxy.google.com

M.I.A. Unleashes Creativity Upon Defenseless Baby ‘Ickitt’

Funky vocalist M.I.A. has never been much of a conformist, but now she’s brought her newborn son into that socially irreverent ‘tude – without even asking permission. The ‘Paper Planes’ singer and her fiancé Benjamin Brewer have decided to name their kid Ickitt. As in “ick it’s peeing everywhere!”… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Miley Cyrus Launches ‘Miles To Go’

Wondering what Miley Cyrus has done in her 16 years on this planet? Well, the Disney star has chronicled her career as a singer, actress and all around tween idol in her autobiography Miles to Go which she launched at an event here at Barnes & Noble on 5th… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Britney Spears Wows New Orleans Fans

“Britney is back!” an enthusiastic fan declared to MTV News after taking in the pop star’s three ring performance in New Orleans. Kicking off her Circus tour, Britney Spears pulled out all the stops with some slinky outfits, wacky giant props and some sexy dance moves, much to the… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Fans Want To Party With Megan Fox

Is this really a big surprise? According to a poll by Asylum.com, fans have chosen the newly single Megan Fox as the female celebrity they’d most like to party with. On the men’s side, George Clooney is the male celebrity whom fans want to get their party on with.Megan… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Britney’s Boys Take On N’Awlins

Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline are taking it easy on this casual stroll through New Orleans with Britney’s security guard and the boys’ nanny.With Britney Spears in the midst of all kinds of Circus frenzy and Kevin Federline’s itinerary jam-picked with one after all-you-can-eat seafood buffet after another,… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Angelina Jolie Unleashes Her Inner Femme Fatale In ‘Salt’

Putting her anger issues to good use, Angelina Jolie goes undercover as a cagey secret agent in her new movie, Salt, today. While playing a CIA operative who’s accused of being a Russian sleeper spy, the actress throws on all sorts of wigs and disguises. The movie is similar… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Megan Fox Still Single

Unbelievably Megan Fox hasn’t landed an new lover since last week’s breakup on and off boyfriend Brian Austin Green. Maybe she should show a little more cleavage.Gallery Info: Megan Fox attends a lunch business meeting in red flip-flops!… …read full story from feedproxy.google.com

Britney Spears Releases Tour Song Set List – Blog Bites

Britney Spears releases Circus Tour set list [Britney Spears]A bony shoulder to cry on [Lainey Gossip]Isla Fisher in C Magazine, March 2009 [ICYDK]Jason Statham Parrots Pedestrian Portrait [Jezebel]Jimmy Fallon’s Nerd Side Might Save Him [Defamer]Mel Gibson Attempts A Hollywood Rehabilitation [The Huffington Post]E-MAIL THIS TO YOUR MOM: Baby Giraffe… …read

Caption Jessica Alba’s Melons

You are not Heidi Montag, don’t lift them up any further.Gallery Info: Jessica Alba takes daughter Honor Warren to the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market… …read full story from feedproxy.google.com

‘No Doubt’ To Perform On ‘Gossip Girl’

Busy mom Gwen Stefani is getting ready to kick off a tour with her band No Doubt as well as an upcoming television appearance on Gossip Girl. She and her bandmates will be appearing in the Gossip Girl episode intended to launch the show’s spinoff centering on the character… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Chris Brown In Miami, But Not Partying With Khloe Kardashian

Other than doing a little more jet skiing this weekend, Chris Brown has been laying low. Contrary to reports that surfaced over the weekend, Chris was not out partying at the Gansevoort South hotel with Reggie Bush and Khloe Kardashian on Saturday night. Apparently it was a case of… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Halle Berry’s Beautiful Family Shops

A picture of physical perfection, actress Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry take their daughter for a shopping excursion in Malibu. Little Nahla Aubry’s hair is growing out in curly wisps, and the little one takes along her toy bunny. Nahla’s stylish little summer dress signals the approach… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Wake Up, Sleepy Celebs! Ashton’s Drowsy At Sundance

It’s hard to tell whether or not these celebrities–including a half-lidded Ashton Kutcher at the Sundance Film Festival–are sleepy or just shielding their eyes from a camera flash. But since it’s more fun to pretend they’re all sleepwalking zombies. So that’s why we’ve put together this gallery. Let’s all… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Eva Mendes Goes ‘Live!’ In Rome

In her latest film, Live!, Eva Mendes plays a network president in this documentary-style take on reality television. The story revolves around the fake TV series Russian Roulette, where winners walk home with $5 million and the losers, well, I’m guessing get to have their brains cleaned off the… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Eva Mendes Talks About Love In Rome

In Rome for the Italian premiere of her latest film Live, Eva Mendes, spent some time hanging out with friends. Today she attended the photocall for Live!, and looked just ravishing. While in Rome, she took time to talk about love.Eva talked about her first brush with romance. “The… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Usher Gets Political, Wins Award For Philanthropy

These pictures of Usher and James Harris at the House of Education and Labor Committee hearing are hilarious. He’s in such a stuffy-looking environment, but has the cutest smile on his face the whole time, like someone’s under his chair tickling his feet or something. I love it. The… …read from socialitelife.celebuzz.com

Lauren Conrad Reveals This Is Her Last Season Of ‘The Hills’

Boo hoo hoo. THANK GOD! Whichever of those sentiments you’re feeling, it’s true that The Hills is ending after it’s fifth season. Lauren Conrad revealed in an interview with Seventeen magazine, the show’s upcoming fifth season will be her last.”My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted… …read from feedproxy.google.com

Jonas Brothers To Perform At Kids Choice Awards

Those Jonas Brothers are everywhere. Here are pictures of them at a pickup softball game with friends in Brentwood. At least, it looks like Joe and Nick Jonas are playing. Kevin isn’t exactly dressed for playing sports. Actually, it’s not exactly clear what he’s dressed for.And if you’re a… …read from feedproxy.google.com

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